Super Luke's Squad to the rescue!

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Super Luke's Squad to the rescue!


Luke Knapke is 2 and 1/2 years old and is one of two beautiful  twin sons of Aaron and Jessica Knapke.  Luke's twin brother's name is Colin. One of Luke's favorite things to do is to watch his hero Super Why on PBS kids.  About 9 months ago, Luke started to gradually and inexplicably lose his appetite, body weight and his interest in daily life activities. He wasn't able to run and play with his best buddy Colin. His Mommy and Daddy took him to multiple doctors to see what the cause was for Luke's medical issues. After all the doctor visits, no one could figure out what the problem was and Luke's health continued to deteriorate.

Luke's body eventually could not keep up with his decline, and in early July of this year, Luke began to  vomit uncontrollably.  His parents' emergently took him to Cincinnati Children's Hospital.  After a multitude of blood tests and x-rays, the reason for Luke's multiple medical problems was finally found. Little frail Luke was diagnosed with an extremely rare inoperable brain tumor called a Pilomyxoid Astrocytoma.

His Mommy and Daddy's worst nightmare became their reality and they were devastated. Luke's dad described it as a feeling of sheer helplessness and  "being punched in the gut and kicked in face at the same time".   Once the shock and chaos temporarily subsided, a treatment plan was created in order to save Luke's life.

Luke has been at Cincinnati Children's Hospital since early July and he has had a difficult time gaining weight in order to get to his "fighting weight". Thus far, Luke has bravely and heroically endured numerous neurosurgical procedures; including a bilateral brain shunt to help lower the pressure on his brain caused by the tumor.  Luke's next step in his superhero battle against his cancer starts with extensive chemotherapy beginning in August which will last for at least one year. Luke's Mommy, Daddy and brother Colin's life will never be the same. They have stopped everything and have spent day and night at the hospital by Luke's side.

Many people have asked how they can help Superhero Luke and his family fight his cancer. The Knapke family is a humble family only requesting prayers. We, as their family, established this donation page to financially help them throughout their battle. The Knapke's will undoubtedly incur numerous and expensive medical bills associated with Luke's battle. In addition to a full year of chemotherapy, Luke will routinely have to be monitored by repeated medical procedures. As the Knapke family will put their lives on hold to be by their superhero's side for his treatment, we want to support them by easing their financial burden. Please find it  your heart to help Superhero Luke and his family in their fight to save little Luke's life.

All donations made go directly to the Knapke Family to ease the financial burden of upcoming medical expenses throughout Luke's treatment.

If you wish to donate by check please make it payable to:

The Luke Knapke Donation Fund
Fifth Third Bank
5002 Old Taylor Mill Rd.
Taylor Mill, KY 41015

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