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Beneficiary: Mettler Family Organizer: Ron and Stacy Fowler

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Susie Mettler, 17 years old, was seriously injured on Sunday, December 15 2013, in a sled riding accident.  susie is currently in hospital and she will remain for a one month minimum.  Susie broke her neck, her back in 5 places and shattered her spinal cord.  She has had 2 surgeries to try and reapir the damage to her back and neck.  From the doctor's prognosis due to her injuries Susie may never walk again.   
  Her family has been by her side every single waking moment, and some sleeping moments.  Her mom, Tina, has not left the hospital since Susie was admitted.  Her twin sister, Jenny, has been sleeping next to Susie in her hospital room every night.  Her dad, Chuck, is holding strong to hope for Susie.  And her brother, Travis, has been by her side often as well.
  The Mettlers are an extremely strong family unit and are surrounded by many great friends and family.  But Tina and Chuck have missed many days of work and will until Susie is out of hospital.   
  In the spirit of the holidays please donate what you can to a medcial fund and lost wages fund for the Mettler family.  They have a very long road ahead of them and life will never be the same.   But they will perservere no matter the outcome.

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