Stilwell Strong

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Beneficiary: Ashley Stilwell Organizer: Emmy Boudreau

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Ashley Stilwell, 19 of Waterloo was recently air lifted with many injuries after a horrible motorcycle accident. Her loving boyfriend, Derek Sheldon, 19 of Bergen passed away on the scene. Ashley Stilwell is a girl like no other. The chances of finding someone like her is impossible. She lives life to the fullest, full of dance moves, full of love, and full of happiness. She loves her friends, family, or really just about anyone who looks like they could use a hug. When Derek came into her life, it seemed as if the rolls had switched. Derek was there to love Ashley unconditionally. After a broken back, pelvic bone, many other injuries, and multiple surgeries, Ashley will live. Her loving and kind spirit is here with us today, as strong as ever. Any donation to help Ashley and her family pay for her extensive medical expenses will be greatly appreciated.
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