Steven's Road Back

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Beneficiary: Steven Walker Organizer: Barbara Gilbert

Steven Walker is a loving son, brother and devoted friend. On April 15, 2012, he began the fight of his life in the Critical Care unit due to a rare and aggressive bacteria. The bacteria, which had yet to be identified, spread throughout his entire body causing all his organs to shut down. He continued to amaze us all with his fight to stay alive.  My brother says he was a warrier!  He remained in a coma on maximum life support until June 10. Not one doctor expected him to live! During this journey, it was necessay to amputate both legs below the knee and both hands. In addition, Steven will still need some facial surgeries, and dental procedures. Steven woke up with a new zest for life. He is now involved in the Brooks Adaptive Sports program and is blowing it out of the water! He is playing on the Bandits traveling quad rugby team. He is also on the Hanger running team. He is bowling, shooting pool, playing basketball, and has even gone surfing and water skiing! He is in a Leg Up, the local amputee support group. Steven's absolute passion in life has always been education. He has recently returned to school at UNF and is pursuing his PhD to teach math on the college level. He is a computer programmer and tutor by trade. His quest for knowledge knows no bounds. He loves sharing it with everyone- from his students who need help getting their grades up, to the kids in Jamaica - where he travels with our Mother to work with the poor and, most recently, build a school. Now he has a new passion-adaptive sports, specifically rugby. His goal is to make the national team! Steven also now wants to mentor and volunteer with patients, specifically amputees at Brooks Rehab Hospital. His biggest challenge now is the transortation costs to get to school, and adaptive sports practices. He has recently purchased a transport van that is wheelchair accessible, which $5000 is still owed on. Although he now has prosthetics, upgrades are continually needed as his nubs shrink and as a student he needs more advanced hands The emotional toll this has taken on all who know and love him is insurmountable. Our family is small. Our mother Barbara is who we draw our survival instincts and caring nature from. Mike and Robert - our older brothers- are who we draw our strength from. And then there are Steven and I - the youngest. There are few families out there who could be financially prepared for such a sudden, catastrophic event. We do not fall into that category. Without medical insurance, this has certainly been another obstacle to face. We have been assured that this will be a very long process of recovery, rehabilitation and healing. Our mother will continue to be by his side every step of the way. Steven has proven to be a fighter and has come out of this stronger. He is now 30  and had a lot of love to come back to. **As of March 18, 2013 we are re-starting this fundraiser to help pay for transport vehicle costs, Steven's prosthetic needs, permanent housing, upcoming medical procedures and education expenses to insure future employment with his new limitations. We are eternally grateful for all who helped us achieve our initial goal. We are confident that we can reach this next one!
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