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Stay New York Strong, Barbara!

$7,770raised of $30,000 goal

Organizer: Rochelle Vetri Screeney Beneficiary: Barbara Screeney

Please support "Stay NY Strong Barbara" to help provide medical care as Barbara works through the healing process from this horrible accident resulting in a traumatic brain injury Thank you

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Dear Family & Friends-

Barbara's life was forever changed on Sunday evening, November 24th, when she was the pedestrian victim of a hit-n-run driver.   She was taking the bus home from the country club, where she had just spent the day doing what she loves to do, making others happy through food. 

We are extrmely blessed that she survived and are now living the realities of dealing with the short and long term effects of her Traumatic Brain Injury, broken bones, damaged organs and everything else that will prevent her from stepping foot in a kitchen, to earn a living, for at least a year.  She will be at U KY Medical Center at least through the end of the year, and many months of inpatient, then outpatient therapy throughout 2014.

Barbara worked as a Chef in two different kitchens (Keeneland Race Track & the Andover Country Club), to help support "That's How We Roll", her beloved food truck. Unfortunately, like most small business owners, Barb does not have health insurance. 

With no income, and no health insurance, we are doing what we can, as a family, to provide financial support for both Barbara, and her son, Michael, but it's way beyond our means. 

Any contribution is a blessing and greatly appreciated.  Words cannot expresss how grateful we are, as a family, of your love and support during this challenging time. 

With Love & Gratitude-
The Screeney Family
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by Rochelle Vetri Screeney
     Barbara is improving slowly every day.  On Friday the Bluegrass Foodtruck Association held a fundraising rally for her.  Both tv stations, WKYT(CBS) and Lex18(NBC) gave the event great coverage.  Of course they were anxious to meet Barbara snce, they covered her story and interviewed the family in December. 
      We went to the rally at about noon and there was a reporter and camera man waiting to interview her.  This was not too successful since it was Barb's first social outing since she was injured.  We talked briefly with reporters.  Then she visited with her many Food Truck Friends. After resting we returned to the rally in the late afternoon.  Again being met by a reporter.  This time Barbara was very confident and answered questions slowly and her speech was quite clear.  I was really proud of her. Although Barbara was happy to see friends this was an exhausting and emotional day.

by Rochelle Vetri Screeney

     Barbara has completed her second session of the Climb Program at Cardinal Hill.  These are all day sessions, 8AM til 3PM twice a week, consisting of Physical, Speech and Occupational therapies in a group environment.
     The first session was pretty difficult.  She came home exhausted, frustrated and in a lot of pain.  Yesterday however, went much better.  She interacted more with the group and went on a field trip to the Public Library.  Barb was happy that she remembered how to find a book by looking up the author. I guess all those bi-weekly sessions with Ruth Rabinowitz the childrens' librarias at Brentwood Publc Library left an impression. Then came the Speech therapy excersise,  a crossword puzzle that she left completely blank.    But, handled it fairly well.  She still came home exhausted and took a long nap.
     Today Barb is looking forward to seeing her beautician friend Christina and having her hair cut and colored.  Will let you know how that goes.

by Rochelle Vetri Screeney
Since it is Brain Injury Awareness month I thought I would share a link to the information we received at Cardinal Hill.

This is the Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky. 

Barbara spent the last 2 days cleaning her front gardens.  We took advantage of the 60-70 degree weather. I am sure she will be very sore today. 

 Today she has a follow-up appointment with her primary care doctor.  Next week she has an appointment with an OD,FCOVD - a developmental optometrist.  Hopefully next week she will begin a therapy program at Cardinal Hill.

Every few days she reads the prayer cards she received and is so grateful to everyone. 

by Rochelle Vetri Screeney
Barbara has been doing so much better since she is out of her wheelchair.  As long as she makes a list she can get a lot accomplished.  Today it's beautiful out so she is cleaning her front gardens. Barb also has been cleaning the house,  doing laundry and cooking/baking. This is so good for her!

We are still working on getting outpatient speech therapy set up. This is the therapy that focuses on her brain.  Unfortunately every process is extremely slow. I have her doing workbooks at home but she gets frustrated because sometimes they are too hard.  Once in a while she remembers something out of the blue,  but for the most part her memory hasn't improved.

She is still having hearing issues so talking on the phone is next to impossible. 

Her mood has improved significantly over the last few weeks!!!

by Rochelle Vetri Screeney
Barbara has completed her in home therapy and later this week she begins the next phase - outpatient therapy. Last week she met a primary care physician that we really like. He looked at her foot to make sure she didn't have an issue with the small clot and it seems to be okay. He also found a staple still in her skull that was missed when the staples were removed. The first thing he wants to focus on is pain management since she is still in a signficant amount of pain. Today Barb went for a small walk, or should I say limp, to the end of her cul-de-sac and back. This week she also started playing memory games we found on the Android Google Play Store. Overall, there is not a significant improvement in her memory, but we have noticed small improvements. Hopefully the outpatient therapy will be more aggressive than what she had up to this point.

by Rochelle Vetri Screeney
Barbara's broken bones are healing nicely but the more aware she becomes the more frustrated she gets.  Both her mind and her body do not respond.  The memory lapses are the most frustrating.  We are engaging her in familiar activities such as making NY bagels and her special cupcakes.  She rembers some but has lost a lot.  We are offering encouragement but she is focusing on the Drs estimate of at least two year brain recovery. Barb is grateful for your prayers and donations especially now that the medical bills are starting to roll in. 

by Rochelle Vetri Screeney
Greetings, Friends & Family-

It's official, Barbara was wheele out of Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation today.  She has made a good deal of progress, and her clinical team feels that home therapy is the next step.  The snow in Lexington made it a bit of a challenge to manuver her and a wheelchair up the front steps, but she is happy to be home.

Her memory is coming back more and more each day and her Ortho Spine team feels that her fractured vertabrae is healing well; she can actually take off her neck brace for a few hours each day.

The Screeney's have a lot to be grateful for this New Year's, Barbara's progress, and your support, are at the top of the list.

We are a very lucky family to have so many family members, friends and colleagues in our corner.

Thank you all, and may the New Year bring blessings to all!

With Gratitude and Love-

The Screeney's  

by Rochelle Vetri Screeney
Barbara is aware that she is in rehab, but does not remember the accident or hospitalization at UK; not surprisging since she has a TBI.  She continues to impove with speech,physical and occupational therapy and her wounds are healing.

We were contacted by both and today so they will be running features on tonight's evening news at 6pm to aid our fundraising efforts to assist with medical and living expenses for Barbara.

Catch Linda's interview at 6pm, on CBS and NBC, or online.  Thank you for you rsupport   and continued prayers.

by Rochelle Vetri Screeney
Barb was transferred to inpatient rehab this week.  Cardinal Hill specializes in Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and most of the staff trained in trauma at U KY Medical Center. Barb is starting to rememver things, although she gets her dreams and realities confused.  She read and cried; she is so grateful to all the friends and family who have donated to help suport her recovery.  We are blessed this Christmas.





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