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Silver Ring Splints for Margaret

$150raised of $2,500 goal

Organizer: Anonymous Beneficiary: Margaret Hubbard

Providing Silver Ring Splints to a young mother of two in her battle to conquer the disabling disease of Rheumatoid Arthritis! After 13 years of living with RA, she needs these splints!

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The cost of Silver ring splints is not covered by insurance. They can range from $80-$150 per joint. The website for more information is

These rings would provide the ability to perform more daily activities to a disabled mother of two young children. It would truly be a blessing to be able to receive them. As of now Margaret performs the daily tasks she is able to with extreme pain and lack of support on these joints. She describes the pain as if you jam your fingers in a door but are never able to fix them.

If given the opportunity to own these splints, the pain would ease and she would become more capable of doing things for her family. "It's an awful depressing thought to want to be the best mother I can, but having to tell my boys mommy just can't do that right now. There's nothing worse to me, not even the pain, than seeing the look on their faces like they feel let down. It breaks my heart!" Margaret is also a childhood cancer survivor, has heart and lung disease from the chemo treatments of her youth.

Margaret was also told by every doctor that she would never have children and if she tried she wouldn't survive! "It's not up to anything but God himself to dictate what we can do and what we can survive! As you can see, I have two beautiful healthy boys! I refuse to let this disease get the better of me. Don't get me wrong, it's very very hard!" If you would like to donate anything, please do. These funds are going straight to the purchase of the silver splints. Any funding in excess will be divided to St.Jude's Children cancer research and Rheumatoid Arthritis research! Thank you so much for your time!
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by Anonymous
A huge Thank you to all who have supported this effort! Medical expenses are usually an unexpected event that can catch us off guard. Please continue to reach out to others, seven if you think there is no chance! You never know what inspires others to help in times of need! Thanks & God Bless!!!
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by Anonymous
Today has been a tad difficult. I attempted to go outdoors and couldn't manage to turn the knob!! Ugh! It's okay though, my five year old jumped on the chance to help mommy. In my heart, although it bites having a disability, I truly believe that children frowning up with a disabled parent...instills compassion and understanding, not to mention manners!!! Sometimes blessings come from the least expected sources!! 
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