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Thank you all so much for your continued thoughts and prayers for Silas. Because we have a continued outpouring of people expressing a desire to help, we have established this website. Everyone who knows Marcus & Mari understand what giving and loving people they are. Silas is their first child and has brought so much joy to everyone he meets.
Silas was admitted into the hospital last week and was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia. This is not something anyone can prepare for so we are asking for help through this donation page.  Marc and Mari also need help with meals during their stay in the hospital.  You can volunteer through

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Silas cannot be left alone. The hospital requires at least one of his parents be there at all times. He's only 6 months old and his discomfort also means he wants to be held all the time.
In order to defray medical and recovery costs, the family is accepting donations through this site. Anything helps. And we can never have enough prayers. It is times like these that we realize how important the support of friends and family are.
Forever thank you, The Blaylock's 

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Check out Silas' other site, "Embracing Silas" that features more information about his mom and dad, upcoming benefits, and more photos. Just click HERE

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