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On March 19, 2012 I got a surprise of my life. I hads  gone for blood work and a mamaogram and found out I have a rare breast Cancer only  one percent of Women get it. I was stage 3, Also I was told i have Lymphademia, Which causes constant infections. Since last May I have had eight infections, seven Which I was hospitalized.I also have had two weeks of in home care with antibotics. At the begining I did go for a second Opnion , First round I had 18 weeks of Chemo ,The last eight  I was put on a nother chemo which made me sick and Lost all of my hair, then came radation, 33 straight days at a time, it was rough, But i made through it. December 12, 2012 I had my breast surgery, my body had to go through so many differnt things at a time, you dont have time to think about it, my Family and Friends  pulled me through it with prayers. On December 04 I will have   another surgery to decrease the infections.  I want to thank  my daughter Elisha Jennfier , Destiny and RJ and Tony for all they do. It is a very hard road  for me right now I have medical bills piling up and my house is in Foreclourse  because of all the bills . Any help would be apperciated, I  Just want to be able to live a normal life again and get back on track.


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