Sheba is finally home, now let's get her well!

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Beneficiary: Mike & Sheba from Georgetown Apts Washington, IL Tornado Organizer: Amanda Schmidgall and the other crazy cat ladies

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November 17, 2013

F4 tornado rips through Washington, IL....tearing through Mike and Sheba's apartment.  Mike was at work, but Miss Sheba was at home.  We had seen her a couple of times after the tornado while looking for animals, however, she wasn't ready to be caught yet.  

January 25, 2014

Miss Sheba decides she's hungry enough to get into one of the humane traps we have set up at the apartment complex.  We took her to a vet in Washington, and she checked out perfectly with the exception of a little bit of frostbite on the tip of her ear.  We had a feeling this kitty was Sheba, and called Mike immediately to verify it was, in fact, the elusive SHEBA!  Tears were everywhere when he verified it was her!  JOY ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA!

January 27, 2014

Mike woke up to Miss Sheba having problems with her gait and noticed some unusual jerky movements when trying to walk.  He got her to the vet (for an already scheduled check up), but the symptoms progressively got worse throughout the day.  Mike (along with a couple of the crazy cat ladies) took Miss Sheba to an animal hospital to be further evaluated.  She bought herself a night at the vet's office to be closely watched for any change in the neurological symptoms.

We are raising this money to help cover the cost of the vet's bills.  Mike and Sheba have been through hell and back, and we can help minimize the stress of putting their lives back together with your donations!  

Thank you so much for any support!  And we will see you on Facebook with more "reunited" pics whenever those babies decide it's time to come home.
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