Shay's Kick Butt and Get Better Fund - Shay Wiessler Sanchez - Medical Expense Fundraiser

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Beneficiary: Shay Wiessler Sanchez Organizer: Elizabeth elliott

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Let's face it, Shay has had a Mack Truck of bad Mojo roll all over her life and she hasn't been the same since. You can't sugar coat what she has gone through and continues to go through. It's painful to see someone whose life was once vibrant and who dedicated her time to making this world a little less cruel, be knocked down so brutally. Through it all, Shay has asked for very little besides our prayers, but the time has come (it's overdue in fact) that she and her family need your financial support to make Shay's life better. Your generous support will help her and her family cover the costs of her basic care needs, her medical cost, as well as help purchase therapeutic equipment and services currently out of her reach and so so much more. It's been two years of non stop fighting, struggle and working hard to keep going. She's been through absolute hell many times over, she cheated death several times, and you know the crazy thing, many of those times were avoidable, she's lost so much physically and at times she has even lost the will to live. But you can help change that, we can't take her back in time, but we can give her hope, we can lift her spirits and we can provide comfort and joy....because folks this isn't over by any's just gonna be a long hard road to go down, and your donation will make this journey easier.
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