Send Ginny to Texas to an aggressive cancer treatment center

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Ginny continues to battle stage four cancer that has spread to multiple areas of her body. Traditional treatments, while awesome for some, have not stopped Ginny's cancer from growing. The Burzynski Clinic in Houston, Texas has been successfully treating late stage cancer for years with great success; in fact the clinic specializes in late term cancer. The treatment is private pay. Please help us help Ginny get to the center. Every dollar counts!
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by Tami Powell
Ginny and her mother have arrived in Houston safely! Yesterday was filled with consultations and meetings with all of the medical team @ Burzynski. She was very impressed with how the therapy will be targeted towards her genetic markers, not just random drugs used as a part of "blind" clinical group.

Today begins her first treatments. It will be a combination of specific drugs used to provide chemo therapy. Some of them have never been used before in all of her other chemo. sessions back home. Her lungs have started to develop a fluid build up around them once again. That is going to be drained, again. She's been told that this drug protocol shouldn't make her sick. :0) Let's hope so !

All in all she's in very good spirits ! Please continue to pray for this process to be the answer towards God healing her of the disease ! Again, thanks to all of you from the deeps our our hearts that have contributed to make this happen. Without you...she wouldn't be getting this.

All our love,
Ginny and Gary
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by Tami Powell
Wow !!!!!

We're stunned and blessed by the generosity that all of you a have displayed so far !!

Thank-you all...from the bottom of our hearts! We're over half way to our goal !



{Tami, Bruce, Nancy, Dave, 
Gary, Ginny, and Alyssa}
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