Sean Goral is working hard to get back into life!

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Beneficiary: Sean Goral Organizer: Janice and Tony Rodriguez

Our son, Sean Goral was a passenger in a car crash on June 15th, 2013 in Statesboro, GA where he is a senior at Georgia Southern University.  Luckily, no one else in the car was injured!  The driver of the vehicle, whom our son did not know,  has now been convicted of DUI.  As a result, Sean suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury and broke six cervical vertebrae.  He was transferred to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta and underwent a 12 hour surgery to fuse his vertebrae. He was in the ICU for nearly 3 weeks and then 7 weeks in the hospital's rehabilitation program.  He has been diagnosed as a C5-6 quadriplegic. Sean has no feeling below his waist and limited use of his hands. Of course we are hoping that he will regain function. We believe! The Shepherd Center is a wonderful place. We continue to go there for Sean's therapy, workouts, pool sessions and to volunteer in peer support. They have become family! 

We are very fortunate to have very caring family and friends that have given us so much support during this difficult time. We have moved from California to Atlanta to care for Sean as he heals. We have been amazed at the love we feel from everyone who knows Sean! There are many expenses that are not covered by insurance. The biggest challenge for us coming up are items not covered by insurance like physical, occupational therapy and a manual wheelchair. Having a manual wheelchair will allow him to go places that aren't accessible in a 500 lb. power chair!  If you know Sean then you know how much he likes the freedom to be on the go. This will help him in so many ways.  

Sean has only 3 credits left to graduate with an Honors degree in Biology. He recently completed Spring Term by working on a project with the Shepherd Center. As you may know, Sean's passion is Surfing. He is an amazing son and friend! 

With our love and gratitude,

Janice & Tony Rodriguez, Patrick Goral, and Sean's great group of friends.
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