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  1. Definition of grace (n)

    1. elegance: elegance, beauty, and smoothness of form or movement
    2. politeness: dignified, polite, and decent behavior
    3. generosity of spirit: a capacity to tolerate, accommodate, or forgive people
If you've had the pleasure of meeting Gracie you would immediately love her. She is the definition of Grace from her mannerisms to her work. She is a single mother, talented pastry chef, honor student and all around kind and generous person.

Late Wednesday night-Early Thursday morning, Gracie and her friends were at SXSW when a suspected drunk driver trying to evade police arrest carelessly drove a stolen vehicle through a barricade into the crowd killing 2 and injuring 23 people. Of the 2 dozen injured people, 5 patients in critical condition were all taken to nearby University Medical Center Brackenridge. Gracie suffered fractures to her skull, left leg and right knee. Fortunately, all of her surgeries have gone well and the doctors are very optimistic. Gracie is still in the ICU under close supervision and will be out of work until further notice. Those of us who have ever worked in the restaurant industry know that even after she is released from the hospital, there is no telling when she will be able to work again.  We started this fundraiser to help take care of Gracie's medical bills and hopefully give her family one less thing to worry about during her recovery period. 

We thank you for your consideration and support. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Please share this page.

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