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This sweet baby was shared on our networking group yesterday afternoon. A ladys aunts dog had puppies. All pups were doing good except for this one little boy. He was nursing, moving around, and doing good over all. ExCEPT for having a large section of his scalp missing.

Not knowing the full extent of damage to his head I went to see the pup and to see what type of treatment might be needed. The skull felt like it was there. The head was hard and not soft. So we immediately sprung into action while we gathered funds for the emergency vet. One thing we knew for sure is we needed antibiotics to ward off deep tissue infection.

We shaved the hair around the pups head. Washed the wound thouroughly with saline and used a pup safe disinfectant. Then placed an antibacterial bandaid over the opening. He was very cooperative for a little guy :0)  ....

Funds came in and we headed to the emergency vet. They rewrapped his head and sent home with some antibiotics.

He is with a trusted bottle feeder. He is eating well and doing good. The next few days are critical in this little guys life.

He will be going to A to Z Veterinary Clinic Tuesday for full examination and to see where we go from here. Running Thunder could use some help. Donations can be made here via the youcaring or called in directly to A to Z Veterinary clinic Tuesday @ 432-520-8387. Account: West Texas Diamonds in the RuFF

Thank you to all who have helped with this little guy so far.
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