Save my son --- Altenative cancer treatment

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My 9 year old son Uzias is no different than any other child his age; he loves to play with his toys, build new things and loves to solve all kinds of puzzles.  As you can imagine, his favorite toys include his Lego and Transformer collections, where assembly and imagination is essential. Uzias is an extremely active and creative child who loves spending time with his two younger brothers, playing a variety of sports and enjoying time at the playground. Although he is fond of reading, especially the Dairy of a Wimpy Kid, his favorite subject is math and he dreams of becoming an engineer one day. In short, Uzias is just a ball full of energy and happiness with a spirit best described as sweet and considerate.

In December of 2010, all of his dreams and joy were fogged when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, Anaplastic Glioneuronal Tumor, Grade III. Due to Uzias’ symptoms and the severity of this tumor, he had to undergo surgery three days after his diagnosis. Although Uzias’ doctors did not know the exact treatment to abolish the tumor completely, they recommended chemotherapy and radiation in the future if necessary. Despite our skepticism of the effectiveness of the two treatments options, we decided to go for the chemotherapy while we found other alternatives. After 10 months of grueling chemotherapy treatments, the tumor returned in which a second surgery was required in October 2011. This time, the doctors recommended the radiation therapy because there was no other option left. After meeting with the radio-oncologist we discovered that the radiation treatment offered more negative side effects than benefits. There was a possibility that Uzias’ way of life would diminish considerably and there was no guarantee the tumor would be removed. Therefore, in the attempt to avoid damage to Uzias’ undeveloped nine year old brain with radiation before at least giving an alternate treatment with less side effects a try, we decided to pursue natural treatments instead. 

We have performed many natural treatments favorable for Uzias, however, nothing has worked yet.  This aggressive tumor appears not to want to go away; Uzias had his third surgery on May 29, 2012 to remove the recurrence of the same tumor.  Since the first surgery, we have changed Uzias’ diet completely which also includes several detoxification treatments every two weeks, and many natural medications that would help him to get rid of diseases and impurities from his body.  Unfortunately, once again in December of 2012 the MRI showed the return of the tumor. And not only that, the tumor has spread nearby in an area that the doctor have denied to do surgery on it because it would do more harm than good, it would effect Uzias speech forever.

Although we have our hands tied at this moment, our mission is to help Uzias get stronger, healthier and free of cancer.  Based on hours of research, we would like to continue our pursuit of better treatment options for Uzias, something that will leave more than just his shell if he survives this cancer.  Initially we had forbidden the idea of soliciting money from friends and family to pay for any out-of-pocket costs associated with his illness. However, after depleting all of our monetary resources, we have decided to ask for help in finding new alternative treatments and perhaps a center or clinic (such as the Burzynski Clinic) that does not involve either chemotherapy or radiation.  This tumor is a burden to everyone and despite the limited resources we, Uzias and his family, will never give up the pursuit of a treatment that will cure him.

At the moment we have not decided where to take him; Burzynski Clinic and Center for Advanced Medicine & Clinical Research seem to be promising choices.  Nonetheless, our research continues, we want to make the best choice possible, since our funds are very, very low.  This is where you come in.  We need your help!  We need you to help us raise money.  Burzynski Clinic seems promising but they are not covered by health insurance and the cost to get the treatment started is about $30,000 to $40,000. 

Today, Usias holds on even though he struggles daily with severe head pain directly associated with the cancer. It’s a daily reminder of his condition as the thought of what this tumor can do to his little body is devastating he remains positive and a joy to be around. Any support you can give is more than appreciated and I am sure God will reward you for it. Even a prayer for my son would be the greatest gift.

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