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Save Mikey: Sick Deathrow Pup Needs You!

$710raised of $3,500 goal

Organizer: Empty Cages Collective Beneficiary: Save Mikey: Sick Deathrow Pup Needs You!

Mikey a sickly deathrow dog needs your help! Even $5 or $10 can help save his life!

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Mikey (A0966891) is only 4 years young.  Yet he was scheduled to be killed after he was dumped at NYC kill shelter by his guardian: sick and unwanted.  They couldn't afford to have him treated at the veterinarians.  Mikey, after spending several days vomitting and with diarrhea (as per his former caretakers) tested positive for parvovirus--a treatable, but expensive to treat condition.  It seemed like he didn't have a friend in the world and would be killed after being so sick for a few days.

Instead, Empty Cages Collective ( a all-volunteer no kill animal rescue organization stepped in and saved his life.  We had him transported to a veterinary hospital for hospitalization and treatment.  Parvo is an  ugly virus, but it is treatable.  Mikey just needs some TLC and veterinary care to get to the good life.  Please help us meet our goal and save his life.

If enough people give $5 or $10, we will be able to pay for Mikey's veterinary bills and help other animals in crisis. Please help us save Mikey!
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