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Sammy Hall - Sammy Hall Singers Fundraiser

$20raised of $750,000 goal

Organizer: Matthew Kimball Beneficiary: Sammy Hall

Sammy Hall has given so much to so many, led many to Christ. Sammy was diagionosed with Lung Cancer November 2011 and has been fighting since. Medical Bills continue to pile up

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Sammy Hall was diagionosed with Lung Cancer in November 2011. He began treatment immediately, praying for a healing and for the doctors to be able to cure him of this horrible disease. Sammy has dreams of making another live tour, to let the many more unsaved, know the love of his Saviour, Jesus Christ and how they too can be healed from the daily life pains they suffer from.

Sammy has lost everything and the bills continue to pile up. Currently they are in excess of $500,000. Due to the lung cancer, Sammy has been unable to sing, so there is currently no income into the ministries or to teh family. You can help with your donation, love and support.

From all of us here at Sammy Hall Ministries, we thank you and bless you.
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