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As an evangelist Randal has enjoyed ministering in local churches all across this God-blessed country of ours.  On October 30th, 2009 his ministry and his life changed forever.  Per my request, he stopped by the local hospital to get a pill for his discomfort.  Four attempts later his BP finally registered… 290/190.  Needless to say, he remained in the hospital. 

Two weeks later (a week of which in ICU), he was released.  A port had been placed in his chest and because of kidney failure, he had become a dialysis patient.  Seven surgeries, six peritonitis infections and a host of other kidney related complications later, Randal still believes, “Life is great!”

Randal refers to me as a real life “Princess”.  He states, “she is the one that makes the pain, the operations, the needles and countless doctor visits bearable.  My Lord Jesus makes it rewarding.”

As you might imagine the financial demands are many.  That is why Randal needs your help.  Health experts tell us it will be a post transplant recovery period between three and four months.  He will not be able to resume ministry during this period of time.  Gifts of any size are welcome.  Know that all you give is needed and will be stewarded well. 

“I need your help”.  Thank you and continue to remember… HE Must Increase!”


John 3:30

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