Renee's Renegades (Fighting for Renee Spica)

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Beneficiary: The Spica Family Organizer: Becky Westers & Melanie Jernberg

This fundraiser is closed
Our loved one, Renee Spica, will undergo a very serious heart surgery on May 23, 2013. 

Not only does the battery for her implantable cardioverter defribilator need to be replaced (this is standard every 7 years), but the lead which attaches the machine to her heart also needs to be replaced.  The vessel that contains the current lead is the only suitable one to hold another, so the current one must be removed and the new one inserted; a scary move even for Renee's "big" heart. 

We know that God will take care of our Renee during even this most delicate of surgeries, and help her to heal after the operation, as only He can.  And although our prayers bring her peace, and she would never ask for anything except for our love and friendship, we want to ease the burdens that she, Mark and Lexi are carrying in every way possible. 

Please remember that the request for donations on this page is only that - an option - the goal being to help with out-of-pocket medical expenses for the Spica family, which are approximated to be near or in addition to $30,000.  Even if you are unable to give monetarily, please visit this page often for updates.
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