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I would like to introduce everyone to my wife, Rebecca. The most loving, passionate, driven, positive, and above all else, most courageous woman I have ever known. I am proud to call this amazing lady my wife, best friend, and mother to our children.
We were married in 2005, had our daughter Lily one year later and a few months after avalanche of health problem began.


It all started with a terrible case of Crohns which required life saving surgery, and a 31 day stay in the hospital. After the removal of 8 inches of her colon, terminal ilium and appendix she felt a bit better. From that point it was 1.5 years of remicade and other potent drugs pumped into my angels body just to keep her maintaining a semi normal life. 

Then we experienced another set back, hyperparathyroidism. Said Rebecca needed at least two of her parathyroids out, Ultimately they, after a 8 hour surgery, which should have only taken 1.5 hours they couldn't find the parathyroids but removed the thyroid itself.  I was absolutely beside myself with fear from the length in surgery.
Afew days after coming home from the hosiptal Rebecca found a lump. Irratation set in fast and thinking we were doing well with her health issues we soon realized that this was just the beginning.

Scared to death I was for her but needed to be her strong beacon of hope. We went to the Breast Cancer Center, and she had a mammogram and the doctor just happened to say that they would like to do a biopsy right then. The result, breast cancer in the left breast. From there is was series of hurry up and wait appointments. Doctors, specialists and much time waiting we decided on a lumpectomy with chemo.  After 7 of 16 rounds she was oblivious to me and all around her. I was loosing her and didnt know what to do to stop it. Rebecca decided to stop the chemo.

We went a little while happy as clams, so we thought and then after my check-up the news we really didnt want to hear. The cancer is back. The surgeon called and without a beat in her breathe told my wife that she needs to come into the office tomorrow and schedule the double mastectomy.  Rebecca said no. So began the research of cancer, foods and the current options for cancer patients.  She became a vegan and juiced everything. Worked well then our finances went belly up and so did her health.

Rebecca began to experience drainage from her cancer site along with terrible aches and pains and the imability to walk which lead her to the E.R.  We found out that the cancer spread to her bones. There were lesions throughout her body.

We met with an oncologist who was very understanding and had several, many options for us and we took those other than chemo and radiation options, all the while her cancer marker went up then down then up like a yo-yo.

This morning 7/8/13 we found out her cancer has jumped again and has spread throughout her abdomen area and filling with fluid, of which it was drained but, we realize that once you drain the area it will continue to fill until the disease that is causing the fluid is cured...a.k.a. cancer.  Which brings us up to today and why we are asking for your help. Our doctors have no other options to beat this cancer, but we have learned of other options, of which insurance doesn't pay for. We have an appointment with this doctor of alternative medicine, expressly dealing with cancer only.  We are living on faith and believe and know God is leading us down every path.   


The amazing thing about Rebecca is her tenacity to find answers. Every time something comes up she asks why?  She has invested literally thousands of hours of research, contacted dozens and dozens of resources from around the world, stayed at a lifestyle center and studied their program.  All in pursuit of why and how can you cure this.

In our journey we have learned we have to walk away from options based on ignorance and surround ourselves with people that have developed options based on truth. We believe its the only way t win this war.

In a nutshell, the resounding truth that seems to be the common thread around the world as the only answer to eliminating cancer is this:
  1. De-Tox your entire body, including the tissues.
  2. Alkaline your body-it is a proven fact that cancer can not survive in an alkaline body-but first you must rid yourself of the toxins completely.
This is what brings us to this appointment at this wellness center.


We have an appointment to meet with a specialist on August 2, 2013. this visit, treatments, prescribed supplements, travel and over night stays will not be covered by insurance. The location is several hours one way. None of which will be covered by insurance.

What makes this even more difficult is that I am unable to work at this time as well. I am 1/2 way through a required two part process to have both feet reconstructed.


The amount we need for this is very uncertain until our appointment. We know we need 500.00 for the appointment itself. It will add up from there. gasoline, supplements, treatments, lodging and travel.

After our first visit we should have a better idea of what Rebecca's journey will look like from that time forward and what our specific needs will be.

We intend to keep everyone in the loop with weekly updates of our journey, all shes doing and the progress of her treatments as well as all that we are learning.


All donations will be greatly appreciated. Every contribution will make a huge difference in Rebecca's journey to grab her health back.

Every penny raised will be used strictly used for Rebecca's road to recovery. Office visits, traveling to and from appointments, supplements, treatments, and any other expenses that we are affiliated with my treatment.

Your support will help our family overcome the physical, emotional and financial challenges that lie ahead of us.


Thank you for taking to the time to read Rebecca's Hope and for your donation and prayers. Our family deeply appreciates your help and support. We can not thank you enough for the shear strength your presence and love brings to us everyday.

God Bless You.

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