Rally for Raleigh

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Rally for Raleigh

Last autumn, after many months of being ill, my dear friend Raleigh Holmes was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Many of you know Raleigh through her creative work in music, acting, painting and voiceover. (You can watch videos and see photographs of her creative works in the gallery to the right.)

A diagnosis of this kind forever changes the course of one’s life, but Raleigh took it in stride and with great courage. After two major surgeries and several months of treatment, she is well on her way to a happier and healthier future. However, there are challenges ahead, including extensive treatments for side effects of the surgeries, which will require months of additional painful treatments. Raleigh is grateful to have the chance to undergo fertility treatments, but as they are costly and must be paid up front and out of pocket, she cannot afford them without help.

As any of you know who have been ill in the United States, the costs for this kind of serious illness and ongoing treatment add up very quickly and can be massive. While Raleigh’s family has been helping all they can, there are extensive costs that have already accumulated, and more on the way. That is why we are asking for your help.

This is a person who always puts others’ needs before her own, who brings light into the lives of everyone she meets. She has faced cancer with extraordinary grace, and has fought relentlessly, but now needs our help to move through and beyond it. Please help in any way you can.

Thank you!

Mira Courage

For more info on Raleigh you can visit:

*Raleigh here - I want to give thanks to Eric Talesnick for donating his talent, time and equipment in creating the video above. And also to Kitty Swink, Etta Devine, Lolita Lopez, my amazing folks, soul-sister Mira Courage and dearest Graham Hamilton for helping with this campaign.

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