Raising funds and shaving it all off! Cancer will lose!

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My name is Ashlynn Geringer and I’m a very outgoing, spunky, OCD four year old little girl. I love Minnie Mouse, Dora the Explorer, my blanket that I’ve named “See” and Chap Stick. On August 30, 2013 I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).

Around August 26, 2013 it all started with a normal head cold. My mom and older sister Kailynn had the same cold. A few days later my mom noticed I had two sores on the inside of my cheeks that looked like I had bitten myself. My mom kept a close eye on those sores making sure they would heal. Two days later my daddy came home from work when my mom told him I hadn’t moved off the couch all day and wasn’t eating. My daddy came over to look at me and used a flashlight to see the sores in my mouth when he noticed I had blood blisters all over my tongue. My mom took me to the Emergency Room where they ran blood test, flu test, strep test and chest x-rays on me. After a long wait (3 hours) the doctor finally came back into our room to tell my mother the devastating news. There was a possibility that I had leukemia and that they were calling for an ambulance to transport us to Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital. Once we arrived at Scottish Rite they ran more blood test and it was then confirmed that I in fact had Leukemia. My mom broke down crying. This news was very devastating to her.  The oncologist came in to talk to my mom, Nonnie, and papaw about my diagnoses. They then sent me to the PICU floor as I was very weak and needed to be stabilized.  It was all a very scary experience for me, my parents, Nonnie and papaw. I was finally moved to the Aflac floor where I would begin my treatments. I had a port surgically placed, a spinal tap and a bone marrow biopsy on September 3. I began my chemo treatments that day as well. And so my 3 year journey battling this disease began…

My mom's friend is doing this fundraiser for my family and I. When the first phase of the fundraiser was over on my fourth birthday she shaved her head! She has shown others that there is nothing to be afraid of. While I lost my hair due to the treatments she chose to lose hers to help support me through the battle.

During the second phase of the fundraiser, my sister and her friend are going to shave their head to support me (Date of June 28, 2014 is pending). If there is ANYONE else that would like to show support and either shave their head or donate hair to an organization there is a way you can help! Please contact my mom or her friend through this page or my Facebook page.

If you want to follow me through this battle you can connect with me on the FaceBook page designed special for my battle http://www.facebook.com/TeamAshylnn

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