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Rabbits Rescued in Montana Need Your Help!

$1,415raised of $1,200 goal

Organizer: Kit Jagoda Beneficiary: River's Wish Animal Sanctuary

Please help us raise $1200.00 for spays and neuters for these abandoned rabbits from a feral rabbit emergency in Libby, Montana. is a 501c3 nonprofit charity.

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We learned of a feral rabbit emergency in Libby, Montana recently.  A couple was catching the rabbits and doing their best to care for them.  They had 45 rabbits but were not able to keep up with the expense.  We drove to Libby from Spokane and brought back 21 of the rabbits.  These rabbits are going to be getting spayed and neutered on December 31st and January 3rd.   We have raised $400.00 of the $1600.00 bill, and are asking for your support to help us with the remaining $1200.00 needed to get these bunnies fixed!  Thank you!
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by Kit Jagoda
Dear Supporters of the Montana Bunnies,
Thank you for your generous donations.  We have been able to get every rabbit spayed and neutered with the exception of the two baby boys.  But when they are old enough they will be getting neutered also.

We are so grateful for your generosity and love for the rabbits!!  Your donations are tax deductible.


Kit and Pete Jagoda
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by Kit Jagoda
Just want to give an update on the rabbits.  Today we gave them their first treatment of Ponazuril for coccidia.  They will get this every day for 5 days.

Some of them are rather skittish, but many of them are settling in and are friendly.

The girls will be going to Mountain Empire Veterinary Services on Tuesday, to be spayed.  The boys will be going there on Friday to be neutered.

We have placements for ten of them at this time.  
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