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Provide a Funeral for a Murdered Son

$1,030raised of $820 goal

Organizer: Elkhart Advocates for Peace and Justice Beneficiary: Angela Tanner

On Monday, December 23rd this year, 18 year old Devonte Patrick was shot in a church parking lot and died of his wounds. No arrests have been made, and his mother is unable to pay funeral costs.

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Losing your child to a vicious murder two days before Christmas is an almost unfathomable pain. To aggravate the pain further, no arrests have been made. What's more, Angela doesn't have the savings to pay for his funeral.

The funeral home needs this money paid in full before they can bury him this Thursday. The total amount due for the funeral is $5885. We can do this. 

Please consider a donation to help this woman, and please share this with all your friends.



UPDATE: Between other community and family members, Angela was able to put her son to rest today. The donations on this page covered the remaining balance she had to borrow. You all made a huge difference and brought hope and and joy into her life. I will be meeting with her tomorrow to figure out how to get this amount to her. Thank you, everyone. On behalf of a very grateful family, I want to thank everyone who shared this and donated from the bottom of my heart. He had a beautiful service today. 

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