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In February 2013, during his deployment,  TJ began to experience extreme abdominal and back pain.. & in March 2013, after discovering he was also Jaundice, the Army decided to medivac TJ back to Fort Bliss, TX for medical attention. After some tests, scans, & a couple of biopsies, we were given news we never thought we would get.. TJ was diagnosed with Stage 3 Pancreatic Cancer. I couldn't believe the man I have loved since I was 15 & the father of my two young children had cancer.. Once we found out the kids & I were on the first flight back to El Paso..

TJ had to have surgery to place a stint in his biliary duct to help with his Jaundice & a procedure done to place in his central line port. After this, we immediately began a very aggressive regiment of chemotherapy.. He has recieved 4 cycles so far & it really has taken a toll on him... But seeing my husband go through all this with such faith and determination amazes me everyday & takes my love for him to a whole new level!  TJ still has the same optimism & humor he has always had...  he always reassures me that God makes everything happen for a reason, & that he is going to beat this cancer!! I really married an amazing man!:)

Although we were blessed with an amazing team of doctors & a rock star oncologist, we have not been able to manage TJ's pain.. Our team of doctors have been working really hard to get us transferred to a top notch cancer center that would hopefully be able to manage the pain & eventually do surgery to remove the tumor.. After almost 3 weeks in the hospital, we got the call that Johns Hopkins accepted TJ as an inpatient transfer... The Army medivacted us within 24 hrs & we are now working with some of the best doctors in the pancreatic cancer world!!! 

Even though this situation sucks.. We know we are so lucky and we have so much to be thankful for.. God has really blessed us with the love we have for each other, with our two beautiful healthy children & with our awesome family and friends!! So many have reached out to express support and to show love & we are so humbled & grateful! 

Since we are now in Baltimore & living out of our suitcases while TJ receives treatment, we are facing an undetermined amount of out of pocket expenses.. To help alleviate that & the stress that comes with financial uncertainty, we are asking our family and friends to help us out in any way they can... Whether it's a small donation or just a prayer we would be so appreciative!! 

I know God will see us through this...  I know He doesn't give us anything we can't handle! And I know TJ is going to beat this ugly disease! Thank you all for your love & for your continued prayers!! God bless & we love you!!!

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