Prayers & Pennies for Tiffany

$17,035raised of $10,000 goal

Beneficiary: Tiffany Butler Organizer: Friends & Family of Tiffany

This fundraiser is closed
On Monday, April 8th Tiffany was admitted to the ICU for a severe infection. She is currently home from the hospital and making great progress! 

We raised funds to cover her stay at the hospital, follow up visits when she recovers, and other necessary bills, such as rent. We have set up a "Tiffany Butler Benevolent" Account for which Linda (her mom) is the sole administrator. All funds will go directly into this account to pay bills. 

We've now closed this fundraiser - Tiffany is home from the hospital making speedy recovery.  God provided financial aid for her hospital and follow-up visits and the $17,000 raised through this site will bless her in her recovery.  

A sincere thank you for all of the prayers and gifts to Tiffany.  If you feel called to contribute to her moving forward, please contact her or Beth directly. 

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