Prayers for my Sister

$36,870raised of $60,000 goal

Beneficiary: Nicki Goodwin Organizer: Patti Shetz

Nicki, is my 35 year old little sister, stylist, therapist, personal comedian and best friend...not to mention wife and mother of the most beautiful 18 month old little boy you ever laid eyes on.  Two weeks ago we discovered her newest title will be "Cancer Fighter".  She was diagnosed with stage 4 Spindle Cell Carcinoma which is a rare form of soft tissue cancer.  Unfortunalty, rare means little is known about this cancer and more importantly how to treat it.  She is about to begin a long journey with the final destination being recovery.  She will be unable to work during her year long treatment so I'm on a mission to make her ride as comfortable as possible.  Please keep Nicki in your prayers.
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