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Please Help The Cote Family After Yet Another Tragedy!!

$3,570raised of $25,000 goal

Organizer: Craig Howes Beneficiary: The Cote Family

Eric Cote Was Tragically Killed In A Multi-Vehicle Collision On Hwy. 2 In March. Eric's Beautiful Wife & Two Daughters Are Left Grieving While Also Battling A Genetic Disease That Causes Tumours.

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Eric Cote Was Killed In A Tragic Multi-Vehicle Collision On Highway 2 In Alberta On March 6, 2014. Eric Is Survived By His Beautiful Wife & Two Young Daughters. Eric's Passing Was Another Tragedy In This Families Life. Eric's Wife & Daughters Are Battling A Disease Which Causes Tumours. Please Open Your Hearts & Help The Cote Family Through These Unbelievably Hard Times. There Is A Financial Struggle That They Are Living Through - Let's Help Them & Give Them Hope For Their Future!!
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