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Frosty was found nearly frozen to death. When she arrived at Carols Critter Care she was in a frozen "C" shape and in the death cry.  She was quickly tucked under Carol's  shirt while heating buttons were warmed. She slowly thawed out through the night and survived.

Supportive care was started the following day.  She was put on LRS, antibiotics, cream for frost bite, given nutrical and 50 % dextrose. Through the next 48 hours, Frosty would go thruough good moments and bad moments.

On January 3rd, she began displaying short breath open mouthed breathing. It would come and go throughout the day. However, that night as it continued to get worse, she was taken to Fitchburg Urgernt Care in Fitchburg, WI. The team took x-rays and found her lungs to be full of pneumonia and a secondary infection. Her blood sugar level were in range. Her fecal was negative, body temp at 95, frost bite on ears and feet, emaciated, blind in one eye due to freezing, and no feeling in her back legs. She can not move her back legs. She was put on a nebulizer for a few hours and appeared to be doing well.

A continued care plan was created and as Frosty was being discharged she crashed. Started open mouth breathing and having troubles regulating her body temp. It was at that time that the decission was made to have her admitted to Veterinary Emergency Services in Middleton, WI. They are a 24/7 emergency care facility and can give Frosty the proper around the clock supportive care she needs.

Frosty has a strong will to live and though, making baby steps, has been continuing to improve. Help is needed to pay for her medical expenses. We expect several more days in the neonate ICU at Veterinary Emergency Services and are seeking doantions.

Please help share Frosty's story. When she was found the outdoor temps in WI were between 10 and 20 degrees, with single digit temps in the evening. We are now looking at dangerous temps of windchills in the negative digits. Help Frosty save the lives of other outside animals. 

Thanks for your donation!
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