Please Help 7 Year Old Skylar Fight Burkitt's Lymphoma

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From Skylar's Dad, Aaron:

On Tuesday, April 23th, 2013, I recieved some news that no parent ever wants to hear- My 6 year old daughter Skylar has a very aggressive form of cancer called Burkitt's Lymphoma.

Burkitt’s lymphoma is an uncommon type of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL). Burkitt’s lymphoma commonly affects children. It is a highly aggressive type of B-cell lymphoma that often starts and involves body parts other than lymph nodes.

This whole process started with what we thought was a reactionary inflamation in her neck from a case of strep throat. We saw 10 doctors before we found a father and son practice that immediatly referred us to an ENT specialist in Cleveland. Skylar's appointment was on Tuesday. She was admitted immediately and has been through a multitude of tests and a surgery to remove a 6x6x3 tumor from her neck.

We spent the past week at Rainbow Babies Hospital in Cleveland Ohio.
On April 25th Skylar had more tests and another surgery. Today, April 26th, we are going to start fighting back with chemotherapy.

I am asking all of you for your prayers through my daughter's battle with cancer and for those of you with children please do question and push your doctors. If you feel something is not right and you are not happy with what they tell you. GO GET ANOTHER OPINION!
Hopefully we caught this in time and she will kick cancer's ASS!
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