PAULA'S PRAYER (5 organ transplant)

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     Paula has worked 19 years in the health care field, and took great satisfaction in helping others feel better. Shortly after losing the job she loved, Paula underwent surgery for a benign 6 1/2 lb tumor on her ovary. After weeks of complications Paula finally came home. Getting off Coumadin treatments after almost 2 years, Paula thought this nightmare was behind her, but unknowingly was just the beginning. After seeing the Doctors again, Paula was diagnosed with Portal vein thrombosis, and a rare genetic blood disorder released from earlier complications. November 2nd, 2012 Paula's quality of life changed drastically. Paula has been in 6 different hospitals to find a cure, with complications building, Paula's received over 12 pints of blood, multiple esophageal bandings from bleeding, repeated kidney failure, and an intestinal surgery which they did not think she would survive. With God's blessing, Paula is finally home awaiting a multi-visceral surgery.(5 organ transplant) Even though she spends 16 hours a day on IV's, her spirits are high that with the grace of God, she will prevail. Even though Paula has insurance, there are so many other expenses that are not covered, such as certain supplies for her ostomy, prescriptions, deductibles, co-pays, anti-rejection medication, and the prolonged expense to travel to and from Miami for follow-up Dr. visits after surgery. Already in debt of over $30K, and husband just having a heart attack, Paula nor the family any longer have the capabilities to do this on their own and are pleading to you for your HELP!!
       In order to help Paula meet these uninsured medical costs, and monthly expenses, a fundraising campaign in Paula's honor has been established. Please help Paula with the expense of this life saving, cutting edge surgical procedure by making your contribution today.
       Please use the helpful share icons to send the message to all your friends, and family via E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. A no fee pay-pal account has been set up for your conveinence.
       Thank you in advance for your generosity, and GOD BLESS.

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