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Penny Taylor Chaney  has been an EMT for 16 years, serving Hardeman County most of that time, she is now a 911 Dispatcher with Hardeman County Sheriff's Dept.  This 52yo single parent has been battling Cancer since 2005. Her Cancer began as cervical cancer and has come back multiple times, resulting in numerous surgeries,chemo treatments, and radiation treatments. Throughout her nearly nine year battle with Cancer Penny has struggled and continued to work throughout. She has now received the news that the Cancer is back widespread throughout her body and in stage four. She will be starting chemo right away, if the Doctors do not see a change in 3 months Penny will be referred to a hospice program. Best case scenario they are only giving her a few months. She desperately is in need of financial help during the days ahead as well as your Prayers.


by Jackie Kelley

Penny had hoped to get another chemo treatment today...but her labs were too low. They are giving her some boosters in hopes things will be different in a few days. If not she may have to get a blood transfusion. Please keep her in your prayers.

by Jackie Kelley
Benefit bike ride for Penny went well considering that it drizzled rain and was cold and windy. Glad that a few brave souls came out in support of Penny, it sure put a smile on her face. We do still have some shirts available for sale from the bike ride. You can pick them up at dispatch.

Penny has had a good few days, so happy for her. But, worse days are ahead as she will go for chemo again this week. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers, as this always causes her to suffer and be horribly sick.

by Jackie Kelley
Had the benefit bike ride for Penny today. Even though we did not have the turnout we had hoped for, it was still a great day. Penny even felt good enough to make and rode in the patrol car that led the ride !!!!  She was so determined to be there, I think seeing everyone really did her some good, but she was pretty exhausted by the end and ready to go rest. THANK YOU to all that came out in the chilly, wet weather and supported this event. It really did mean a lot to Penny. I have posted a picture of her with the deputies that were there.

by Jackie Kelley

Penny did have chemo last Thursday, which always makes her unbearably sick. This time is no different. She had a very bad day today. Everyone please....send Prayers. She is so physically and emotionally exhausted and still has a long hard fight ahead of her.

I can promise you there is nothing more heartbreaking than watching another human suffer so much. She is in so much pain, she is so weak, and she is so sick to her stomach. She desperately needs some comfort and some rest.

by Jackie Kelley
Penny has had a few "better" days, but only a few. She has been terribly sick with nausea and pain, not to mention she is very weak. But, on a better note she did have another MRI last week and they say that the tumors are shrinking some, so she will try chemo a bit longer. Please pray for her as the chemo is extremely potent and reaks havoc on her body, to the point that would be unbearable to most of us. She is definitely a strong person and a fighter !!!!

by Jackie Kelley

Penny has opted to discontinue the chemo at this point due to the fact that it has been so rough on her. Prayers and support are much needed.

by Jackie Kelley
Penny has had her 2nd chemo treatment last week, and is terribly sick again, and yes, hospitalized again. Please have everyone you know to lift her up in prayer. Miracles DO happen, and she definitely needs one.

by Jackie Kelley
I talked to Penny this afternoon, YAY !!  She is out of the hospital and feeling much better. She sounded so good and says she is feeling better, just has to be careful and not over do it. She wants everyone to know how very much she appreciates all you have done, she is quite overwhelmed at the out pouring of kindness.

by Jackie Kelley

Penny has been hospitalized since Tuesday, Dr. plans to keep her a few days. They are hoping to get her system built back up and to get her pain under control. She has been in excrutiating pain for many days now. Keep Praying and keep sharing....check back for updates.

by Jackie Kelley

Penny spent Thursday night in the hospital for help with the pain, she went home late yesterday. She is still in an incredible amount of pain. Please prayer harder than ever that she will get some releif from this unbearable pain. Doctors just are not doing much to control the pain, she is so sick and cannot keep anything down.

Thank you to everyone for your support.

by Jackie Kelley

Much Prayer is needed for Penny tonight. She has made 3 trips to the emergencvy room in the past 36 hours for pain management. She is now hospitalized due to the extreme pain she is suffering.

PLEASE remember bracelets in support of Penny are available thru dispatch office at the Hardeman Co. Sheriff's Dept. $3.00 donation and of course donations can be made through this page.

PRAYERS **SHARE**PRAYERS***SHARE    WREG News Channel 3 did a feature story on her, you can view it on WREG.com

Thank You all for your Prayers and donations.

by Jackie Kelley
Penny is still very sick from the chemo she received on last Tuesday. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers, she is due for chemo again first week of September.

by Jackie Kelley
Penny is terribly sick from the chemo that she had on last Tuesday. Everyone PLEASE round up all the prayers you can possibly find for her.  She is due for more chemo in 2 weeks. Thank youall for everything thus far.

by Jackie Kelley
Penny had her first chemo treatment for this time around on Tuesday August 13, 2013. Amazingly enough she made it to work Wednesday and Thursday.  Everyone keep her in your thoughts and please pray for her.



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