P.U.S.H. for Penny

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Beneficiary: Penny Taylor Chaney Organizer: Jackie Kelley

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Penny Taylor Chaney  has been an EMT for 16 years, serving Hardeman County most of that time, she is now a 911 Dispatcher with Hardeman County Sheriff's Dept.  This 52yo single parent has been battling Cancer since 2005. Her Cancer began as cervical cancer and has come back multiple times, resulting in numerous surgeries,chemo treatments, and radiation treatments. Throughout her nearly nine year battle with Cancer Penny has struggled and continued to work throughout. She has now received the news that the Cancer is back widespread throughout her body and in stage four. She will be starting chemo right away, if the Doctors do not see a change in 3 months Penny will be referred to a hospice program. Best case scenario they are only giving her a few months. She desperately is in need of financial help during the days ahead as well as your Prayers.
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