Overcoming Infertility

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We have been accepted into a medical study that will get us the best IVF protocols such as DNA testing.  The study is out of state but we are looking at an expense of about $15,000 vs the close to $30,000 this protocol would cost!

Trying to overcome 7 years of infertility and 3 baby losses.  My husband and I are almost at our full goal to be able to get fertility treatments! We've raised $3000(update below) towards our treatment fund to get IUI(artificial insemination).  The more money we raise the better protocol we can afford in hopes of this being our chance to have a baby and complete our family.

I have found out about a program that offers a refund if we don't get pregnant within a certain amount of tries and you save 30-40% versus doing seperate treatments alone.  The price for the program I'm looking at is $19.5K for up to 2 fresh and 2 frozen IVF attemps.

The average cost doing this with out the program is $26.5k.  Neither of the costs include medicines or testing needed prior to treatment. 

I believe that this may be the best way to give us the best chance at getting a take home baby.

Here is the link to the program specifics: http://attainivf.attainfertility.com/ivf-program-multicycle-refund

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