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Online Auction & Fundraiser for "Brut"

$710raised of $1,500 goal

Organizer: Jacquie McClintock & Noelle Stewart Beneficiary: Jacqueline McClintock & Noelle Stewart

Help us save Brut!!!

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On March 29, Noelle Stewart and Jacqueline Gaye Henretta McClintock found an emaciated, near death Pit Bull mix tied to a tree in Opelika. They have taken it upon themselves to nurse this gentle giant back to health. Thanks to Thornton Animal Hospital we are well on our way to having him healthy. He was checked into an emergency clinic for IV and a blood transfusion on March 30. 
This auction is to alleviate the financial burden for Brut and pay his bills. It will take months and thousands of dollars to undo the damage. But he already has love and a warm bed, so it's a start!!!

Thank you all for your support.

Noelle & Jacquie
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by Jacquie McClintock & Noelle Stewart
Very sad news, March 31, 2014

Tonight at around 9:00 PM the Vet notified me that our dear, sweetheart Brut had passed away. He fought very hard, having made it through the rough winter tied to a tree, but he passed in a warm bed, knowing he was loved, with a new stuffed animal. I am especially deeply upset because I had "adopted" him in my mind. I will make it my goal to insure that these people pay the full penalty and never own a pet again. Please continue to donate for his auction for his medical costs, it is very much appreciated.
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