Nik's Spinal Surgery And Medical Care Recovery Fund

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Beneficiary: Nik Higganbotham Organizer: Jessika Lupan (sister)

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UPDATE: Thank you for the overwhelming support, encouragement, and kindness we've received over the short time since we started this benefit! Because of your support Nik is now able to receive the mobility saving spinal surgery she needs, scheduled for June 17th. This finally truly allows us to see that light burning at the end of the tunnel, where after this long hard six months, Nik will finally begin her road to recovery. After her surgery, Nik will need to continue to receive rigorous medical care, involving follow up appointments and intensive physical therapy. Again, because of her lack of medical coverage, now dire financial situation, and the refusal of the responsible party to offer any support, we will need to continue trying to raise the funds necessary in order to continue her medical care. This isn't taking into account her tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills(from ER, Ambulance, Hospital) she will eventually have to face as well, as it more important for us to focus on her current care and what is necessary for her recovery at this time. Please continue to keep Nik in your thoughts, show your support, and help us to share her story so that  she may receive the care she needs and fully recover. She is such a strong woman and has fought against so many odds to keep her shining spirit and will alive with hope through all of this, but with all of your added strength and overwhelming love and encouragement, you've helped to make her stronger than ever. Your support through all of this has truly been life-changing. We cannot thank you enough.

Nik is an avid cyclist, artist, and yoga enthusiast living in Austin, TX. On November 27th, 2012, while commuting to work, Nik was hit head-on by an amateur cyclist who'd lost control of her bike on the Lance Armstrong Bikeway. Nik was rushed to Breckenridge Hospital via ambulance having sustained severe compression fractures to her spine. After her release from the hospital Nik was bed-ridden for over a month and has since been able to perform only necessary tasks of limited mobility with the use of a back brace. Since her injuries, Nik has been in and out of the hospital and has struggled to receive proper medical attention due to her financial situation. As a local bartender and waitress, Nik has no health insurance and has since has lost her job due to her inability to work.

Two weeks ago she was readmitted to the hospital where an MRI showed that her spine is not healing properly and has continued to deteriorate; her compressed vertebrates are now at a 45% loss of total height. Nik was informed that without an operation her spine will continue to deteriorate and overtime she could lose her mobility completely.

Kyphoplasty, a less invasive spinal operation, will help to repair and strengthen her vertebrates and give Nik her mobility back. After further reaching out to the medical community, she was able to find a clinic willing to perform the operation at a reduced out-of-pocket fee. As her surgery is fairly time sensitive (to avoid further risks and deterioration), the operation is set to be performed on June 17th, less than one month away. In order to proceed with the operation she will need to pay in full no later than June 14th at 5PM CST.

The cost of the surgery is $5,000. This does not include followup appointments, medications, the necessary physical therapy that she will need after recovering from the surgery, or the thousands of dollars of debt she now has from medical bills and the cost of living. Please join in Nik's fight towards recovery so that she can return to her previously full and active life and get back on her bike!

*Our goal of the 9,000 dollars is a lot of money but by pulling together Nik hopefully can get the urgent spinal surgery as well as some of the follow up care and intensive physical therapy that she needs to recover. Every single donation counts, no matter the size. If you are unable to donate, please contribute by sending all of the positive healing vibrations and good energy you can muster her way. Thank you for your support! Ride safe!

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