Mike Weed's Needs

$25,453raised of $50,000 goal

Beneficiary: Heidi and Mike Weed Organizer: Friends of the Weeds

"Mike's ability to motivate himself with a positive attitude continues to awe me. He is not only an inspiration to me, but to our children and everyone that crosses his path. The cane was ditched many months ago and he is making vast improvements with speech and communication every day.  He is continuing strong with therapy and I know he has what it takes. He goes for therapy 3 times/week. At home he is enjoying cooking, painting with watercolors, newly found programs on Netflix and spending time with the kids. I know I'm biased, but we have 3 amazing children. Their level of patience, understanding and compassion is awe-inspiring. Your continued positive thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated and absolutely needed as Mike continues on this journey. Keep drinking Weed Ale! We are Weedstrong and couldn't do it without your continued support. Thank you. ~ Heidi"
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