Michelle Hastings: Mission::Remission - Medical Expenses Fundraiser

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Beneficiary: Michelle Hastings Organizer: Jennifer Buck

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mission:remission Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and colon cancer ass-kicker. Pretty cool titles, all in all. We are creating this fundraiser to help Michelle and her family with the medical expenses that will be incurred during her second battle with Colon Cancer. We would love your support, as every dollar counts and will help ease the financial burden of the Hastings family. Michelle used to create magic for thousands when she worked at Walt Disney World, Now it's time to create some magic for Michelle. Please join our campaign and donate today! Join Us on our Facebook Page - Search "Mission:Remission" Read Michelle's Inspirational Blog: www.michellewillwin.blogspot.com From Michelle: "I survive for so many reasons. Among other reasons, I survive to prove a point. I am NOT going to be a just a number or just a statistic. I want to let the medical community, society, and other survivors out there know that this DOES happen to people my age, with no family history, with no REASON. I survive because I have a voice. I am a survivor, one of many, and proud of it. We will be heard, and we will make a difference." Michelle Hastings Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Colon Cancer Ass-Kicker!!!
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