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Mac  is an amazing young man.

He's a trans activist in Uganda - a country where LGB folks -- and those that are gender non conforming -- experience immense discrimination and violence. While the Ugandan Parliament has been debating the Anti- Homosexuality Bill (which includes the death penalty in certain cases for homosexuality!), Mac's served his community for the last five years, advocating for human rights, sexuality rights, and free expression of gender.

He started up a trans support group in Uganda called TRASU, which is open to any trans* or gender non-conforming person in Uganda. He has also been the coordinator at Freedom and Roam Uganda for the past five years and partnered with Sexual Minorities (Uganda), Trans Support Initiative (Uganda), SIPD-UGanda, Gender Dynamix (South Africa), Trans Bantu (Zambia), Rainbow Identity (Botswana), and Trans and Intersex Africa (South Africa).

Mac has a heart for some of the most marginalized individuals in Uganda. He even recently opened up his home to community members who were attacked at their former homes.

Mac needs to travel in India for life saving heart surgery. He has a non-cancerous tumor growing next to his heart, which is winding around the veins of his heart.

Mac's always poured out his heart for his community. Now, lets come together to mend Mac's heart so he can keep doing amazing work.
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