Meg's Fight Against an Eating Disorder

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Beneficiary: Eating Disorder Treatment for Meg Organizer: Courtney

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Many of you know Meg and how incredible and special this girl is. And if not, please trust me when I say that you would come to know that after just a few minutes with her. Meg is thoughtful and vibrant, is a lover of traveling and coffee, is the kind of friend anyone would be lucky to have, and wants more than anything to be truly alive during her lifetime. This beautiful soul is also currently at war with an eating disorder that she has been battling for 7 years. This girl is fighting so hard and is giving everything she has to pursuing recovery. She is looking at every treatment option, knowing that what she needs right now is professional help. Unfortunately such help isn't cheap, as all too many people have learned the hard way. Insurance is hit or miss when it comes to this illness that has the highest death rate of any mental illness. But Meg is fighting. Meg is fighting for her life. I have complete faith that she will get through this. But getting professional help is the first step, and she can't do that without support. So please, please consider donating to this fund to help Meg pay for treatment. Any amount would be an incredible gift. Meg had nothing to do with setting up this page, but your generosity will mean so much to her. Thank you, and peace and love to you.
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