Medications for my wife!

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We recently had to move due to our landlord selling the home that we had rented 12 years and we were fortunate for people to donate on this site to help us make it happen.We are grateful!!
I must ask for help again for my wife she is waiting on a kidney transplant and takes treatment three times a week,she has had to quit working even though she worked and took treatments as long as she could.She has been approved for disability and Medicaid starting in January but I need to raise the rest of the money for her medications.She had meds to last until December 15th but we still have a half of month that needs to be bought.
I receive a Veterans  disability check but with her being out of work we can't afford the medications that her insurance won't cover.
I am asking no I am begging for help for my wife,she is a trooper she goes through more than I know I could handle.I know she is in pain but won't take any pain meds she don't want to be out if it,she pops a couple of Aleve and keeps going.
I am blessed to have been with this woman for 25 years and it breaks my heart that I can't do better by her because of my health issues.
We have always been ok financially,not rich but got by but when you are faced with a medical situation your world can crumble emotionally and financially.
I pray that there are people that can afford to help us and please know how grateful and blessed we are for the donations and support we have got in the last month!!
God bless and Merry Christmas!

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