Medical Expenses for ACC rescued cats

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Beneficiary: Medical bills for rescued kittens from the NYC ACC Organizer: Happy Homes Animal Rescue

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Please consider donating to help with medical bills for many of our rescued kittens.
We have pulled over 20 kittens in the last month, and many were ill and needed extra medical care.  Many were unable to eat on their own and needed to be bottle feed.  We worked endlessly to care for them.  Unfortunately we lost 2 extremely critical babies despite our best efforts.

Moosey & Moss (A0961245 & A0961246)
Mixie & 6 babies (A0961781,82,83,84,85,86,87)
Sallie Mae, Karl with babies Lulu & Matt (A0961337/38)
Hope, Blessing, Baby (A0961231,A0961228,A0961229)
Lilly's family Willy, Chilly, Dilly, Milly (A095942,43,44,46,47)
Brooklyn (A0959879)
Pebbles & son Duffy (A0959307, A0959309)

Abigail (A0944839)
We also have ongoing medical issues and bills from Abigail, rescued from the Acc in Sept 2012.  We had to take her off adoptions until we could treat her medical problems.  She was seen by numerous veterinarians and specialist, where she was diagnosed with a congenital defect called coloboma.  This is a condition where the cat is born without eyelids and is unable to produce tears.  We finally elected to remove her badly infected eye and freeze the eye lashes on the other eye.  Abigail will always be in need of medical care as it was just discovered she is also FIV positive.

Our medical bills are extremely high, and we are just trying to fund-raise a portion of them,  Any help is greatly appreciated!
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