Lykken Superhero Fund!!

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Organizer: Shannon Hansen Beneficiary: Chris and Lisa Lykken

When tragedy strikes everyone wants to help but feels helpless. This is a tangible way for us to help the Lykken Family.

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Chase Lykken, four years old, had an accident in the pool while on vacation.  He was unconscious and not breathing for several long minutes. He has a long and difficult recovery process ahead of him.  He is currently at Gillette 's Childrens Hospital in St. Paul.  Please send prayers and support to the Lykken Family.  Every donation helps.  Every prayer helps. 

Chaser we all know you have it in you, time for your Captain America to come out!!!
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by Shannon Hansen
We love the amazing supporters for Chase!!!  You can follow Chase Lykkens story on FB or Caringbridge site.
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by Shannon Hansen
We know our little Captain America has a long road of recovery ahead of him.  The entire family has been feeling the power of prayer since Chase's accident happened but we would like to super size that power.

We are asking that you take a moment of your time this evening, Sunday the 21st at 7pm, to say a prayer of healing and recovery for our Chaser.  Feel free to light a candle if you wish.  We want to see the power of prayer in mass!

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