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Little Hands, Open Hearts Fundraiser

$7,880raised of $10,000 goal

Organizer: Anthony Cerchio Beneficiary: Jackson Smith

Help Jackson beat cancer with your support and donations!

This fundraiser is closed
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Almost 2 years ago a beautiful little baby Jackson was born into the world to the greatest mother and father, our cousin and her husband.  Almost one week ago, our lives changed unexpectedly when we found out baby Jackson had a tumor on his brain stem.  The following day he had successful brain surgery to remove the tumor later to find out after the biopsy came back, it turned out to be an aggressive form of cancer.  We are all waiting to hear back from the doctors at St. Jude's hospital on the next plan of attack.  We have never been more proud of our cousin, her husband, and their son Jackson for being so strong!  We will all beat this together.  

Any amount of donation would truly help out since the family is currently not working to be there for their son every moment.  All proceeds will go directly to the family.  Thank you everyone for your support and will keep everyone posted with updates.
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by Anthony Cerchio

All, I understand some of you are experiencing issues with payment via Debit or Credit Card.  I spoke with PayPal yesterday and it could be a either 1) that DB or CC is already associated with another PayPal account or 2) Certain restrictions on your card.  You can call PayPal directly as well to alleviate any issues you may be having.  Number provided below.

Paypal Support - 1-888-221-1161

If I can help out in any way, please do not hesitate to reach out.



Little Hands, Open Hearts - Fundraiser Organizaer

by Anthony Cerchio
Update as of 6/11/13 - 

"Thanks everyone again - Jackson's resting well next to his daddy, the surgery went well, however he has an infection but nothing some antibiotics can't fix, just another bump in the road which will put off the beginning of the chemo and stuff by about a week - next week hell have to have a permanent internal shunt put in but his doctor said its an easy surgery (easy for them to say) but I have to say I love these doctors and I feel confident - these doctors and nurses apparently will be our second family for the next year or so - but oh we'll gotta do what we gotta do.. Ahhh what's a year anyway - thanks again for your endless support and love we definitely need it!! Jackson loves you and so do we :) and again I can't thank you enough" - Kim Ann Candela Smith

by Anthony Cerchio
With such great support and donations we are going to set a new bar for this fundraiser - $10,000 here we come!

by Anthony Cerchio
For payment, if you do have a PayPal account please pay through that as it avoids any fees on our end with Credit & Debit cards.  Thanks again!

by Anthony Cerchio
Fundraiser is active - thank you all for your support and donations!





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