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My name is Marshall and my mom has been diagnosed with a rare lung disease called Primary Arterial Hypertention. She has been a non-smoker her whole life and has dedicated many years to helping others as a registered nurse. Doctors have given my mom a very short life expectancy without a major surgery. Even with my dad working out of state to make more money for the mounting medical bills there is just not enough funds at this time. The surgery is called thromboendartectomy and would cure her of this life ending disease. The cost of the surgery is astronomical but that doesn't matter if we can't afford to have my mom evaluated at the hospital offering the surgery in San Diego. The trip alone will cost thousands. Getting approved for this surgery would offer hope for my mom and would add many years to her life. Thinking each day might be the last time I see my mom is heart breaking. Please give anything you can... every little bit adds up!
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