Let's unite in helping Warren Arde fight cancer!

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Warren Arde’ was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma cancer on December 14, 2012.  The cancer was found in a swollen lymph node in his neck and they later found the source to be on the base of his tongue.  He and his wife, Jennifer, went to MD Anderson in Houston on January 10th & 11th and his team of doctors there have recommended chemo and radiation treatment for 6 weeks, in which they will have to stay there due to the radiation treatment being given every day.  His doctors would like for him to return to start the treatments the first week in February only they are currently having to fight the insurance company.  Warren changed insurance companies and took out a new insurance policy in 2012.  The insurance company has denied the cancer claims because they are saying that it is pre-existing.  

The cancer Warren was diagnosed with is caused from a virus but he was given a 50%-60% chance of beating it if caught and treated early.  Due to the type of treatment he will suffer side effects from the radiation for the rest of his life and have to take certain medications everyday forever but if treated by a radiation oncologist who is an expert in his/her field those side effects can be minimized if administered with extreme care and precision. 

Needless to say the medical costs will be a huge burden on Warren and his family and most likely for years to come. We know that many of you have been asking how you could help and Warren and his family are beyond grateful. He has an amazing support system!  His friends and family wanted to create an opportunity for this incredible community of support to take action and help him on his road to recovery. We have received countless requests from you all to help and felt that creating a fundraiser would be the best way Warren’s friends and family around the world could help get him back on his feet. We hope you will join us in this effort to get Warren healthy and strong! Thank you again to this incredible community!   All your contributions, thoughts, and especially prayers are very much appreciated!!!

For updates on his condition, please join his wife’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/jennifer.arde

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