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Jiggles is a two year old beautiful, male cat. About 2 weeks ago, he was let outside to go potty, but did not return. His Mom and Dad searched frantically everyday - never giving up hope.

Yesterday morning, Jiggles was found laying outside on the ground. At first, it was thought that he had been attacked by a coyote looking at his open wounds. But, all that was truly known for sure was that Jiggles was critically injured and somehow he managed to drag himself back home to his loving family.

Racing about to find immediate help, his Mom began the search to locate an organization willing to help with medical expenses because they simply lack the means at all. They are by definition poor. 

After placing several calls and the last one being a call to a nonprofit, whose Rep instructed her to put a bullet in Jiggles' head, Jiggles' Mom stumbled upon The Community Pet Project. That's when a post was made on Facebook to solicit donations and they began to come in. Problem is, it's far from enough.

Poinsett Animal Hospital was called this morning and an appointment for Jiggles was set for 11:20 am. I joined Jiggles' Mom and Dad there for the evaluation to, of course, hear and see the extent of Jiggles' injuries for myself and to request an approximate cost to put Jiggles on the mend. 

Dr. Felder determined that Jiggles back legs had been broken from the knee down and, obviously, that he had painful infected open wounds and injuries. He followed that with stating that he felt strongly that Jiggles had been hit by a car although Jiggles' Mom stated she did not believe that could have happened. Tearfully though, both Jiggles' Mom and Dad listened and then Jiggles was administered pain meds and taken to x-ray.

What the x-ray showed was that, indeed, both of Jiggles legs had been damaged / broken, but what the x-ray "revealed" was that these injuries were the result of having been shot! Dr. Felder showed the x-rays and explained that one of the legs appeared to be on the mend somewhat, although infected, and the other one was shattered. He stated that his office does not perform reconstructive surgery, but gave references for others.

After Jiggles' Mom and Dad was handed a prescription for antibiotics and pain meds, the bill was paid by The Community Pet Project (you Folks) and we were told that Jiggles must receive immediate care ASAP for his injuries. On the way home, I dropped Jiggles x-rays off at Foothills Veterinary Hospital, where the surgery will be performed once adequate funds have been collected.

Therefore, please join us in our efforts to provide urgent care to Jiggles. There is simply no time to waste in this matter so please give today. Jiggles must be taken into surgery and the good thing is, as Dr. Felder stated, cats are very tough. I can personally attest to this because I, myself, saw a clear-eyed Jiggles kneeding a blanket. 

Please know, Jiggles' Mom and Dad would do anything for Jiggles themselves, but they simply have nothing whatsoever to give. What they do give though is priceless. That's the love that they have for their "boy", as Jiggles' Dad refers to him, and to "my baby", as his Mom refers to him. Both are nice, humble, grateful people and you would truly enjoy knowing them and their heart. 

The Community Pet Project is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit - making your gift a tax-deductible contribution. So, please give. Thank You!


by The Community Pet Project
Just posted 2 photos that Jiggles' Dad sent from the weekly Vet visit on Friday to have Jiggles' progress checked by Dr. Randall. All is well and Jiggles' Dad said that Jiggles was a true champ - like always!

by The Community Pet Project
For those that do not follow the updates on www.facebook.com/TheCommunityPetProject, here's the latest on little Jiggles' progress: 

Jiggles goes weekly to Foothills Veterinary Hospital to have his bandages changed and for Dr. Randall to monitor his progress. Everything looks great - thanks to you!

Jiggles's Dad recently sent a picture of Jiggles standing and playing with a toy at home. Please look for that. You'll be amazed at how far this little guy has come and what he can do with his braces on. So cute!

by The Community Pet Project
So, we didn't quite mend Jiggles in time for Christmas, but what a great way to start out the New Year! Thank You So Very Much for Making This Possible!

The Community Pet Project
Jiggles' Mom & Dad (Angie & Ronnie)

by The Community Pet Project
For those of you who do not follow the updates on The Community Pet Project's Facebook page (www.facebook.com/TheCommunityPetProject), I have wonderful news. Jiggles was released from Foothills Animal Hospital yesterday. He is now happily recovering at home, as you will see by the pictures that I am about to post.

Dr. Randall said that it could take upwards of 3 months for the bones in Jiggles' legs to fuse, but that he will continue to check Jiggles' progress on a weekly basis. Also, while in surgery, Jiggles was neutered, as many of you had requested. This was primarily done for his overall health and wellness because as you know, Jiggles is now an indoor only kitty.

As for a final breakdown in how your generous donations were spent towards Jiggles' care, the account had a remaining balance of $852.59, since last time that we reported. Of that $852.59, Foothills was paid a remaining balance of $478.41 yesterday. That left $374.18.

From that, we spent $28.98 on a new kitty box, kitty litter, a scooper, and cat food, which was Jiggles' parting gifts at Foothills Animal Hospital. That leaves $345.20 of your generous donations unspent. I will follow-up with Foothills via phone today to determine if there will be a cost going forward for the re-checks / bandage changes in the many weeks to come. If so, the $345.20 will be applied to those costs.

In closing, Jiggles' Mom & Dad asked me once more to convey their deep, emotional appreciation for what you have done for them and little Jiggles. In trying to tell me what I was to convey, they choked on their words and the tears fell uncontrolably. So, please do know that each and every one of you have done a wonderful thing that will remain in these Folks hearts forever. As Jiggles' Dad put it, "God bless you all and thank you."

Wishing you all a safe & happy New Year! - Deb  

by The Community Pet Project
Before I forget (again), please know that I have posted 'Thank-You's' to each and every one of you on www.facebook.com/TheCommunityPetProject over the past several weeks. It wasn't much to show you how The Community Pet Project appreciated your outpouring of love and support for a little guy named Jiggles, but it was the only way we had to let you know how grateful we were that so many of you came together to save Jiggles.  

Also, thank you for all of the beautiful posts that showed the emotion brought on by this tragic effect. Of course, there was much anger and a lot of cheering and well wishing for a speedy recovery. I shared many of those also on Facebook and I shared them with Jiggles' Mom & Dad because they do not have Internet, much less do they use Facebook.

I have spoken with Foothills Veterinary Hospital just moments ago and they assured me that Jiggles is doing fine. I requested pictures and hopefilly I will receive them soon and I will share those with you.

I inquired about what was still owed to them. Remember, The Community Pet Project had already forwarded $1000 of your donations to them, leaving $852.59 available in Jiggles' account. The Receptionist told me that currently $478.41 is owed, but boarding fees for Jiggles' weekend stay will be added to that amount. So, on Monday, I will update you further.

I have spoken to Jiggles' Mom & Dad and we will coordinate a time in which to meet on Monday for Jiggles' release. At which point, I will be providing them with a kitty box, litter, scope, and food - now that Jiggles' is a forever indoor kitty. I will take pictures of Jiggles' departure from Foothills. And, of course, I will share those with you also.

Until then, wishing you all a safe and happy weekend! Deb at The Community Pet Project

by The Community Pet Project

Dr. Randall just called and stated that the surgery went well and that Jiggles now has his new braces attached. He will have to stay till Monday at 
Foothills Veterinary Hospitalbecause the surgery ended so late in the day.

However, by Monday, Jiggles should be able to return home for his 12-14 week recovery. Dr. Randall also stated that Jiggles should be able though to get around pretty good in the interim on his Android legs. LOL

I really can't thank you enough for making this all possible. But, let me do it once more - Thank You! Deb @ The Community Pet Project

by The Community Pet Project
By the way, I changed the end date for the fundraiser to December 31st so that I could continue my updates to you. I will probably have to change it again seeing how we are already on the 27th.


by The Community Pet Project
Jiggles will be taken into surgery around 1:30 today by Dr. Randall at Foothills Veterinary Hospital. Please say a little prayer or send out a positive thought for Jiggles', the Doctor, and the Doctor's Staff around this time.

Of course, I will update you as soon as I hear from the Doctor...

by The Community Pet Project
First, and foremost, thank you so very much for donating to Jiggles. How extremely kind of you! The donation page, as of this momemt (12/26/13 @ 2:00 PM), shows that $6535 has been received through PayPal. However, there was an additional total of $135 that was also received through the mail or through The Community Pet Project's "Donate" tab on Facebook.

So actually, $6670 has been raised currently. With 4 hours remaining on this You Caring site, here is where we stand with Jiggles' remaing funds and what has been paid out to date.

$6670 Minus:

$94.25 Poinsett Animal Hospital on 12-11-13
$551.12 Foothills Veterinary Hospital 12-16-13
$1948.88 Upstate Veterinary Specialists 12-16-13
$1654.21 Upstate Veterinary Specialists 12-18-13
$349.75 Upstate Veterinary Specialists 12-20-13
$1000.00 Foothills Veterinary Specialists 12-23-13
$219.20 PayPal Fees

Remaining Balance - $852.59

I wish that I could say for sure what Jiggles' final expenses will be. I just simply don't know. What I do know, however, is that $1000 has been paid towards his upcoming surgery tomorrow to save his legs. And, most definitely, that would not have been made possible without you. Thank you and bless you all. - Deb @ The Community Pet Project

by The Community Pet Project
This is a great artilcle written by Elisa Black-Taylor recapping Jiggles' will to live. Great job Elisa and Thank You! - Deb, Jiggles' Mom & Dad, and The Community Pet Project


by The Community Pet Project
The Community Pet Project last reported on their Facebook page that it looked like Jiggles was being taken into surgery tomorrow (Christmas Eve) at Foothills Veterinary Hospital to repair and save both of his injured legs. Yes, to save them, not the amputation on 1 or both of the legs as originally thought. Great News, indeed! 

But unfortunately, the smaller medical supplies needed won't be here until the end of the week. And, that's perfectly understandable because we are in a holiday week you know. 
So, the supplies are scheduled to be here on Thursday and the surgery will be performed on Friday, if all goes well.

Still, this miracle in the making would NEVER have been possible without those who cared enough to give to save this little guy's life and then put forth the effort to save his legs. It's just simply joyful to see the kindness of others shown for a little cat name Jiggles. 

Thank you so very, very much for making this season seem a little more magical for Jiggles & his family. You have truly been a blessing to them all.

by The Community Pet Project
Saw this story online in which Life with Cats posted about little Jiggles. How neat is that!


Their Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/lifewithcats?fref=ts

Thank you so very much Life with Cats for helping Jiggles!

by The Community Pet Project
I transported Jiggles from Upstate Veterinary Specialists to Dr. Randall at Foothills Veterinary Hospital for Jiggles' Mom & Dad. Why? Well, for those that watched last night's segment of Jiggles on the news, you would have noticed Jiggles' Mom's nose bandaged.

That's because she actually had major surgery on the left side of her face that had been broken in an accident. She was in the hospital Tuesday for re-constructive surgery in which 4 plates were implanted, along with 12 screwss. She was not released till Wednesday. Still, she managed to stand up for Jiggles, "her baby", in an effort to solicit as much help as possible for him.

Obviously, in light of her surgery, Jiggles' Dad is really wiped out with caring for her and worrying over Jiggles. That's why I volunteered to help out.

Jiggles will remain at Foothills to gain more strength over the weekend. Dr. Randall says that he hopes that by Tuesday that Jiggles will be ready to undergo procedures to correct the damage that has been done. Of course, I will keep you informed.


by The Community Pet Project
Jiggles' story aired last night on Fox Carolina News. Click the link below to watch the segment and to read the article.

Thanks. And, most importantly, thank you for caring about this little cat named Jiggles. 


by The Community Pet Project
Jiggles was filmed today at Upstate Veterinary Specialists by Fox Carolina News. His Doctor spoke of his injuries, his progress, and what's ahead for the little guy. As we all know, the next step is planning his surgery. 

Dr. Garber feels that he is now stable and because he is now on oral meds and pretty much off of IV fluids that he can be transferred back to Foothills Veterinary Hospital tomorrow to be monitored - but, not requiring a 24 hour watch. She also said that his red count is now at 20, which is good and is expected to improve even further in the coming days. 

If you're up for the 10:00 news, don't forget to catch the segment. If not, I'll post the link tomorrow. 


by The Community Pet Project
I spoke with Dr. Garber (at Upstate Veterinary Specialists) a few minutes ago. Jiggles still has a slight fever and diarrhea - probable cause, according to Dr. Garber, from his body shutting down last Friday and having to re-start itself. 

The good news is that he is now on total oral medications (which will greatly reduce our medical expenses there), his anemia is improving, he's eating well and he can be moved toFoothills Veterinary Hospital in the next day or two to finish out his recovery there to prepare him for surgery.

Of course, Jiggles entire journey, thus far, comes at a cost. So, to keep you informed, this is the breakdown to date:

Jiggles' funds total $5608 (minus PayPal fees) at the current moment.

The Community Pet Project has paid out / paid off $4248.46 - leaving $0 owed through today.

That leaves $1359.54 to finish out Jiggles' stay at Upstate Veterinary Specialists and the remainder to be applied to Foothills Veterinary Hospital once he is transferred in the next day or two to finish his recovery. No where in this balance is there a consideration for surgery.

So Folks, we simply must have more money coming in to cover these costs. I ask that you please help me to find creative ways to make this all possible. It's crunch time and Jiggles has simply come too far in showing us that he's a fighter, not to fight for him now.


by The Community Pet Project
I met Jiggles' Mom & Dad over at Upstate Veterinary Specialists on Monday, while the family was visiting. As you can see, Jiggles was beyond content to be in his Dad's loving arms.

While there, Dr. Garber came in to provide a progress report. She stated that Jiggles' bone marrow is now creating red cells again. Yay!

She also said that he is clear and eating well, but that he had a slight fever and diarrhea, which they were treating with IV fluids. 

She said that as of Tuesday that Jiggles would be moved to all oral medications, which would greatly reduce some of the costs during his stay in the hospital. 

Dr. Garber went on to explain some of the costs associated with Jiggles' stay there thus far. First, the obvious, that he crashed upon arrival and had to be put on life support. Then, of course, the 24-hour care, the IV fluids, the IV medications, bandages, splints, dressings & re-dresings, catheter, and 2 blood transfusions costing almost $900! Yep, 2 @ $450. She explained that cat blood is just not that easy to come by. Seriously, I've just never thought about it before. You?

Anyway, she closed by saying that she and Dr. Randall (Foothills Veterinary Hospital) had spoken and that Jiggles was just not systemically well enough for them to address his orthopedic (amputation) needs at this time. 

So, we wait. Of course, I will update you as I learn more. In the meanwhile, thank you for your patience, thank you for caring, and thank you for staying with this story about a little guy named Jiggles. 

by The Community Pet Project
Donations continue to come in for little Jiggles. He's still at the ER (Upstate Veterinary Specialists), which is a very costly place to be. But, their efforts have saved him from a sure death sentence. 

I have spoken to both Dr. Randall with Foothills Veterinary Hospital, where Jiggles was transferred from, and to Dr. Garber at Upstate Veterinary Hospital, where Jiggles is currently, as of this morning and learned that Jiggles must remain at Upstate for the next several days, possibly as long as 5 days, until deemed fit to be released for surgery at Foothills. 

Obviously, this extended stay comes at a price that no one saw coming and I am sure that The Community Pet Project will be looking at handing over about $4000 of the money that you have graciously donated to UVH after his stay there. 

Anyone can do the math at this point, but for those who are just joining this story it means:

Of the $5508 ($65 came in before the online fundraising account was created), all that is left for Jiggles surgery, after care, and kitty wheelchair is $862.63 (minus the PayPal fees). 

Yep, take $5508 and subtract $94.25 for Poinsett Animal Hospital, minus $551.12 for Foothills Veterinary Hospital, minus a bill of possibly $4000 at Upstate Veterinary Hospital, that leaves $862.63.
And, out of that $862.63, PayPal automatically subtracts their fees, which is probably a couple hundred dollars at this point. 

So, that said, after speaking with Dr. Randall this morning, we are still looking at anywhere from $800 to upwards to $3000 for Jiggles' surgery and aftercare and $300 for the wheelchair. 

Therefore, I will be raising the amount on the donation page (again) from $5000 to $10,000, to cover these costs and any more unexpected costs. 

I, myself, am overwhelmed by these costs (unbelievable!), but I know if we've made it this far, let's see this to the end. I appreciate your understanding. Thank you for following along. And, as I have said many times before, thank you for loving and caring about a little cat named Jiggles.

Know that I am to meet Jiggles' Mom and Dad at Upstate Veterinary Specialists this afternoon to sit down with Dr. Garber to talk about Jiggles' progress. Once I learn more, I will relay that information to you.

Talk soon...


by The Community Pet Project
I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! - Jiggles has his eyesight back! This little man continues to bring us joy and hope!

Jiggles' Dad called me a short while ago after hanging up from Dr. Garber. She confirmed that Jiggles can now see. She went on to say that he's "still anemic" saying that his count was 14 when it needs to be 40. 

I questioned Jiggles' Dad about this information because I posted otherwise this morning that I had spoken with the Doctor yesterday evening and I heard her to say that he was no longer anemic. 

Oh well, I guess we'll learn more about that later. One thing that I do know for sure though was that before being transferred to the ER (as I like to call it), Jiggles' red blood count was 8. Not good. Not good at all. 

Other updates that Jiggles' Dad provided were:

There was no discussion about more blood transfusions.

Splints have been applied to Jiggles back legs to stabilize them. And, he had to be sedated for this procedure.

The Vet had to put a catheter in so that Jiggles would not urinate on his Splints.

And, considering what he has been through, he is doing remarkably well and continues to eat, but nowhere ready for surgery on his legs. 

So, overall, this is a pretty darn good report. Wouldn't you say?

by The Community Pet Project
I have posted this video on The Community Pet Project's Facebbook page at:


But, for some reason, this donation site will not let me post it here. So, if you'd like to see a quick clip of Jiggles, either go to our Facebbook page or click this link:


Thank You!

by The Community Pet Project
Dr. Garber with Upstate Veterinary Specialists called yesterday evening stating that Jiggles is no longer anemic and he shows signs of great improvement. Of course, she still doesn't know if his eyesight will return - only in the coming days will that be determined.

I, personally, believe that his sight will return. Jiggles is a fighter and he seems to continue to jump (leap) over one hurdle after another. He is truly amazing!

by The Community Pet Project
As noted in my last post, Jiggles is feeling better, but as we all know, he is far from being a 100%. 

In the coming days, he must be further stabilized and deemed strong enough to handle the anesthesia for his surgery on both of his back legs. Of course, all this comes at a financial cost.

So far, the initial Vet visit on Wednesday to Poinsett Animal Hospital was $94.25. Jiggles stay atFoothills Veterinary Hospital on Thursday & Friday was $551.12. And, the cost of care atUpstate Veterinary Specialists beginning yesterday afternoon to date (Saturday) is currently $2100. 

We, The Community Pet Project, were told to expect to pay an additional $400-$500 as a daily rate for the duration of Jiggles stay there. Then, of course, once moved back to Foothills Veterinary Hospital, we will incur the costs of surgery and recovery there.

All that said, please know that none of this would be possible without you. You are the only reason that Jiggles was given a chance at recovery. And, for that, there are simply not enough words to say how great we think you are.

But, do let us say, thank you most sincerely to those who have contributed the over $5000 raised thus far to save Jiggles life!

by The Community Pet Project
Would you looky here? Who would have ever imagined such a change from the picture that we all saw yesterday when Jiggles had a tube down his throat? My how things have improved!

As of 12:30 PM today, the Doctor reported mainly positive changes in Jiggles. But, there is one change that's not positive. So, let's get that out of the way. For now, and I do stress "for now", Jiggles is blind. 

The Doctor believes that this happened as a result of when Jiggles stopped breathing yesterday moments after his arrival at Upstate Veterinary Specialists from Foothills Veterinary Hospital

As some of you already know, there were moments that Jiggles stopped breathing on his own and had to have a breathing tube inserted. After he was given a blood transfusion (the reason that he was transferred), he began to breath on his own once more.

There is speculation that the time that his brain went without oxygen, may have brought on the sudden blindness. The Doctor stated that Jiggles eyes are working (moving) though and it is reasonable to believe that his sight will return, but that there are no guarantees.

As for Jiggles over-all health, it has much improved. He still is a little anemic, but as you can see, he is now able to hold his head up and is eating very well. Also, he is moving much more today, which is a very good sign also.

He will remain at Upstate Veterinary Specialists throughout the weekend for Supportive Care. And, as updates are given to me, I will pass them along to you. 

Thanks for Caring!

by The Community Pet Project
It's a little after 7:00 PM Friday night and I have just spoken with Jiggles' Dad. I must say he sounds so much better. He had just gotten off the phone with Dr. Garber and was told that Jiggles is still breathing on his own and actually ate a little bit of food. He said that the Dr. thought that the food and another blood transfusion is going to make him feel much better.

Jiggles' Dad added that the ER will continue to try to get him to eat a little more. All the while, antibiotics and pain meds will continue to be given.

He also relayed that when he and Jiggles' Mom were allowed to go back in the room that he put Jiggles' paw in his hand - something that Jiggles insisted on doing while always watching TV. He said that Jiggles wrapped his claws around his fingers to acknowledge his hand. But, Jiggles' Dad went on to say that when he heard "Mama's voice", Jiggles opened one eye.

Needless to say, they were thrilled. Jiggles' Dad left behind a shirt with his scent on it when it was time to leave. He said that he wanted Jiggles to know that he wasn't leaving him forever and that Jiggles would have something with him to comfort him.   

The picture that is currently shown on the page with a tube coming out of Jiggles' mouth is how Jiggles looked around 4:00 PM today. Things sure have taken a turn for the better. That's for sure! And, what's definitely for sure is Jiggles has a strong will to live.

Please continue to share this story and to donate for this little man. He sure is a fighter. But, right now he sure could use some Folks to fight alongside of him. Thank You!

by The Community Pet Project
I just posted more pictures of Jiggles with his new colorful bandages that help to stabilize his legs until he is strong enough for surgery. The Vet had to sedate him to make this possible because of his painful, severe injuries. So, he's a little sleepy eyed in the photos.

by The Community Pet Project

Jiggles has been moved to the ER (Upstate Veterinary Specialists), where he is receiving a blood transfusion(s). He had stopped breathing after arrival and had to be incubated. But, Dr. Garber with the Group stated that he is feeling much better now that he has received blood.

The bill at Foothills Veterinary Hospital was $551.12. Dr. Garber explained to me that the bill at Upstate Veterinary Specialists, today alone, will run around $1000 to stabilize Jiggles. Thereafter, she will provide the costs.

Jiggles will remain at the ER over the weekend to receive around the clock care. Once he is stabilized and stronger, he will be taken back to Foothills Veterinary Hospital for his surgery.

Obviously, this unexpected visit and stay at the ER was unforeseen and will be costly, so do please keep the donations coming in. The cost of mending Jiggles will most certainly exceed the $3500 originally posted.

Thank You. - Deb

by The Community Pet Project

by The Community Pet Project
Update on Jiggles, the cat that was shot in Marietta:

Blood work was drawn today. Thankfully, he is negative for Aids/Feline Leukemia. His red count is very low, his sodium is registering too much, but fortunately his white count, which should be an acceptable number of 17,000 is 77,000 - meaning that his body has gone into over-drive to save himself. 

He does have pneumonia from being out in the cold and rain that we've had. And oh, the Doctor thinks that he was shot more like 2 - 2 1/2 weeks ago when he went missing. So, he laid out in the elements until he could crawl back home.

Jiggles is resting comfortably in isolation at Foothills Veterinary Hospital now, where he is hooked up to major antibiotics and pain medicine. He will, more than likely, be in the hospital these first 5 days to build up strength for his surgery.

Initially, Dr. Randall thought that Jiggles would be a double amputee, but now he is only going to remove the lower half of the left leg and try to save the right one by what they're calling a fusion. Jiggles want to able to run again, but he should be able to get about just fine. If not, Jiggles Mom stated that Dr. Randal said that he'd be fitted with a wheel chair. 

Thank you all for caring so much and following this story. I'll keep the updates coming.

by The Community Pet Project
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You for all of the kindness that you have shown to Jiggles! 

He is scheduled to see Dr. Randall in just a short while today at Foothills Veterinary Hospital, 20 Rayford Ln., Greenville - where only his x-rays were dropped off yesterday because of lack of funding for his Vet care.

But, you changed all that. Because of you, he can now begin his road to recovery. Jiggles' Mom & Dad are simply speechless and teary over your kindness. And, I'm sure that once that they can find their composure that they will have their own words to share with you. 

Again, I can't say it enough, but Thank You for loving Jiggles! I will keep you updated as things transpire. - Deb



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