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Let's Help Joan

$9,783raised of $20,000 goal

Organizer: Friends of Joan Beneficiary: Joan Zuber

For Joan Zuber (69) who lost her right hand after it was trapped for 18 hours under the hood of the pickup she was working on. She will not be able to work anytime soon and needs our help.

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Joan Zuber is a 69 year old single mother, grandmother, mountaineer, rock climber, horseback rider, volunteer, and good friend to many. On January 29, at her remote rural home, she was working on her truck when the hood fell, trapping her right hand. She was trapped overnight,standing up for 18 hours. She was rescued when neighbors passing nearby on horseback heard her calls for help. She was taken by LifeFlight to Emanuel Hospital where after two unsuccessful surgeries, doctors were forced to amputate her hand above the wrist. She now faces a long recovery with significant medical expenses.

Joan was still working when this happened but will not be able to return to work anytime soon.  She was self employed so doesn't have sick leave, vacation time nor a pension.  There will be many expenses as her recovery progresses.

Joan is a truly extraordinary woman who has received many honors and awards for her service to her community and to the state. She has given far more than she has received and has always lived a simple lifestyle doing much of her own home and auto maintance. She raised her two children as a single mother and has always worked hard to support her family.  Joan is a delightful, generous friend and we are hoping that we can be generous to her in this time of need.

She is a longtime Mazama member and credits her training and experience with Mazamas for helping her survive the ordeal. By nature Joan is an optomist, she accepts life as it presents itself and always looks for what is positive in a person or a situation.  We would like to help her face this challenge without the additional burden of severe financial constraints.

You can donate by credit care or Paypal. If donating by check is prefered those can be sent to:
Joan Zuber
PO Box 388
Molalla, OR 97038

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by Friends of Joan
Joan has now received over $18,000 half of it in checks.  She is resuming her busy life, active in volunteer and environmental concerns.  Her physical activites are limited by her new reality but she is hoping that a prosthesis will allow her to resume many of those activities as well.
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by Friends of Joan
With the checks donated Joan now has over $17,000.  Everyone is thrilled with the support and Joan is investigating for the right prosthesis.
Again she wants to thank everyone who has donated and offered their support.  She says she is doing "great".  
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by Friends of Joan
Joan has received over $5,000 in checks so the total is now over $13,000 donated.  What wonderful support for a really wonderful and deserving woman.  She wants to thank you all personally but that isn't really practical so a big thank you from Joan to everyone.
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by Friends of Joan
Joan has received over $3000 in checks and has reached the 10,000 dollare mark.  She is very happy with the contacts from old and new friends and with the encouragement she has received.  

She is having occupational therapy and feels that is useful and she's starting to look at different ideas for prosthesis.  Thanks to all your generosity she has more choices about what kind of prosthesis she will be able to get. 

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by Friends of Joan
Joan has received $1,350. in checks and is so encouraged and heartened by everyones response. She is loving the comments and encouragement that donors are making.

She went on a 3 mile walk yesterday and said it felt good to get outside in the fresh air. She is also getting a sense of the challenges of learning to function without her dominant hand.
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by Friends of Joan
Joan has had her stitches out and has a remarkably positive attitude which is typical of Joan.
She has a strong will and lots of optimism.  What she needs now is financial help with all the medical expenses.  She will be needing a prosthesis and the new ones are between $11,000 and 15,000.
It's not uncommon for people to need more than one prosthesis over time.

Joan had a housecleaning business but it seems unlikely that she will be able to return to that type of work.
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