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Funny how we take the future for granted. We live each day and look to the future. When that future is ripped from your grasp, you aren't sure which way to turn or what to do. This is what has happened to Lemmie and our family.

Lemmie has laid carpet pretty much his whole life. He raised a pretty big garden and grew tobacco. He loves chickens and dogs. Sadly, he also loved his cigarettes. One morning Lemmie got up and began coughing up blood. He knew it was time to quit, but it had came too late. Lemmie was diagnosed with lung cancer June 2011.

He had his whole left lung removed. He went through the chemo treatments which took so much out of him. The cancer was gone. He had just barely began to recover when he fell outside one day while preparing to go camping. His wife made a doctor appointment and got a MRI. The doctor called and told her to immediatley get him to the ER as he had severe swelling on his brain.

The cancer had returned. At first Lemmie refused any treatment, as what he went through last time was still fresh in his mind. But gradually he came to realize he could fight this. So he took his rounds of radiation, which were much more tolerable than the chemo. A month later the doctors told Lemmie the cancer has been shrunk from a 13 to a 2 but too much damage has been done to his main organs and the doctors haven't given him long to live.

It is so saddening to watch this active, vivacious man sit and stare out the window. He had to get rid of his chickens, as neither he nor his wife could care for them. Our heart breaks to listen to him tell us that he has nothing left but his pride.

The medical bills are staggering and leaving Lemmie concerned for his wife, who will be left with all the bills minus his income. When first diagnosed, Lemmie had no insurance. Soon after he started receiving Medicare but he still has co-pays and a percentage of all bills incurred. These cancer bills are staggering to say the least.

With this fundraiser I am hoping to relieve some or all of the medical bills so this is one less worry he has during his last days. He worries endlessly about how how his wife is goin to be able to make it after he is gone. Any donation you can give is very appreciated and we thank you.
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