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Kyah DeSimone is a 13-year-old girl who suddenly went into heart failure this past Columbus Day weekend without any warning and has been hospitalized at Children's Hospital Boston ever since. She has a condition called Dialated Cardiomyopathy and has been approved for a heart transplant. Additionally, she recently learned that she has a rare, restrictive lung disease on top of her heart disease, which might also require a lung transplant.

Four weeks ago, the doctors implanted a special mechanical heart as a bridge to transplantation because her heart stopped beating on its own. If they hadn't operated on Monday, November 12th, she would have died. The Doctors were amazed that Kyah managed not only to make it through the weekend, but also that she was able to receive the anesthesia without suffering a heart attack on the table. What should have been an 8-10 hour surgery took only 3 hours. It was truly a miracle! 

Her mom is a single mother of two and has had to quit her job, as well as withdraw from nursing school, where she would have been graduating in May. Kyah's 6-year-old brother has also had numerous medical problems from birth and was hospitalized for an entire year after he was born. He too has been in and out of the hospital since then, but now that he is a little older and a lot healthier, Danielle thought it was all behind them until her oldest daughter was diagnosed with this serious illness.

They are currently living on Cape Cod and she travels back and forth between children, as she is trying to maintain normalcy for her son who is in the 1st grade.

As of now, it is unclear how much longer Kyah will be in the hospital, but once she does go home, things will have to change dramatically. Due to the sensitivity of her lungs and heart, Danielle will have to maintain an extremely clean environment. It will be very costly to purchase the equipment needed, pay for the electricity to keep them running day and night, as well as purchase the special cleaning products she will need to use. They will also have to continue commuting back and forth to Children's for multiple follow-up appointments. 

We are asking for people to donate to this family in GREAT need due to all the expenses of gas, food, household bills, parking etc.
Thank you and God bless!!!
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