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Kendall King is an outgoing and social 7 year old, who wants to grow up and be a doctor, so that she can help sick kids like herself.

Kendall was born in June '05 with a heart defect known as tetralogy of Fallot with Pulmonary Atresia. She's had 4 heart surgeries, 10 heart caths and 3 stents placed in her left pulmonary artery, 1 in her right pulmonary artery. She will require more heart surgeries as she grows as well as more cath interventions.

In addition, she has recurrent lung issues and an immune deficiency of unknown etiology. This immune deficiency means that every time Kendall catches a cold or other minor illness, she gets very sick, often catching pneumonia. In order to keep germs from settling in her lungs she undergoes two vest treatments a day (20 minutes each) and a total of 6 nebulizer treatments. This is similar to what a Cystic Fibrosis patient would do daily, just to keep secretions moving and loose. When Kendall does get sick, she often has to undergo a bronchoscopy. In total, Kendall has had to undergo fifteen bronchoscopys in order to pull secretions from her lungs, a procedure which while necessary for her, can actually scar lung tissue, and cause further lung damage. Preventing Kendall from needing these procedures is key to her healthy future.

Kendall can no longer go to school - the risk of being around the everyday bacteria and viruses that kids are exposed to is just too high for her. Kendalls mother Kelly has quit her job in order to homeschool Kendall, as last winter, Kendalls health was clearly declining.

Currently, Kendall has been prescribed a drug called Pulmozyme, which is normally used for Cystic Fibrosis patients. Because her diagnosis is not Cystic Fibrosis, the insurance company has refused to pay for this drug, even with repeated appeals. Pulmozyme costs 2,400$ a month. With this fundraiser we are hoping to raise a few months worth of Pulmozyme for Kendall.

We have started this fundraiser to help offset the costs of Kendall's care. Our goal is to raise 20,000 for Kendall by Christmas. Please give what you can for Kendall, to help her be healthy, and happy, and safe.

UPDATE: Because of people sharing information about Kendall on facebook and other social media, contacts were made at the King's insurance company and the pulmozyme is now covered until October 2014. We are overjoyed.

Our initial thought was to stop fundraising at this time, however, we know a trip to gain a second opinion from national experts is in Kendall's future, so we have decided to keep fundraising active with the idea that we can help offset the expense of an extended trip to a major hospital system. We know that there will be many medical expenses in the future for Kendall. The money you donate will be held and used for those expenses.

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